8bitdo SN30 Pro+

Help guys!

I read THE FAQ, did the firmware updgrade... and did everything i could find.
My controller simply wont pair back with the switch.. no matter what i DO. IT JUST stopped all of a sudden.. any tips?

I don't own a Switch and have never worked with that controller, so other than pulling the batteries out or looking for a factory reset, I have no clue what to do.

The reason I'm posting this useless answer is so that you have a number in the 'replies' column. I often pick out threads to read by clicking on those numbers, and I sometimes miss threads without any at all. This may help make your post a little more visible.

Thank you!
Much appreciated

PSA and bump in case anyone cares.

Friday i emailed 8bitdo directly,
Today they answered with this simple instruction

"press the power button on the switch for 10 seconds, and "reboot or restart" the system and pair the controller again.

IT SOLVED THE ISSUE, my SN30PRO+ works again with the switch

Woohoo, that turned out to be easy. Hopefully this thread will show up in Google searches.

Agreed and so glad it got resolved! I really like this controller!