GWJ Collaborative Fantasy Town

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So I am starting a new campaign. It's modeled after a buddy comedy. I will have a Gnome rogue with another playing a Goblin warlock. Our home base will be a version of "Honest Dibra's Pawnshop" from earlier in the thread.

We were in our session 0 and the GM was asking where we want to have our home base. Since my party member is a Goblin I immediately thought of this, so thanks!


Let us know if you find more characters or stuff to add.

Andar and Mulwarni Brevin - #67 on the Map

Andar was a competent glassblower who took over his master's business when he died, purchasing everything from his master's family. Unfortunately, at age 28, Andar's workshop was destroyed when a giant bloodworm burrowed below it and caved it in, destroying all of the important equipment. Andar still hadn't paid off the loan for the original shop purchase so he was unable to rebuild the shop.

Mulwarni Brevin, his wife, is an avid gardener and sells vegetables and fruits at the market each week. The money earned from the market is enough for them to live on, but they are only slowly making a dent in what they owe on the loan.

Andar has been in a depression for the last 2 years since the shop was destroyed and can't hold any job. During this time, the Brevin's have been attempting to have a child to no avail. They are convinced that one of them is unable to have children, and it has been causing a strain on their marriage.

Andar is constantly telling Mulwarni that they need to come into some money somehow to pay off the loan and possibly even pay for magic to help them have a child.

I'm doing a write-up for the adventure I am running for my friend Duane which is based in our Freeport town. It's mainly so I can keep notes and not forget stuff. I will add any NPCs I come up with during the game to the town.

Writeup: The Secret of Freeport