GWJ Twitch Stream Fundraiser! (Schedule)


GWJ for Color of Change (donate here!)

GWJ for I Need Diverse Games (donate here!)


Due to concerns raised in the last few days regarding the transparency of the previously stated recipient, we've switched to some more verifiable organizations through Tiltify, which puts the donations directly to the organizations they're intended for instead of going to us first to distribute.

In the spirit of transparency, I feel that this direction is more aligned with that goal. This option also allows us to have more than one donation option for our supporters!

We want to recognize the desire to help beyond video games by organizing donations towards Color of Change. We're also looking to support I Need Diverse Games, an organization working to bring positive change to the industry that produces the content we love.

Stream Schedule:

Though we generally avoid politics and try to provide refuge from the storm of daily life, there are times when our silence is harmful to those most vulnerable in our own community.

Gamers With Jobs has a unique opportunity to provide a means of amassing support when it’s needed most. We’re happy to announce the latest donation drive Twitch stream starting Saturday June 20th from 9am to 11pm Eastern time over at Gamerswithjobs on Twitch, where we'll be raising funds for Color of Change and I Need Diverse Games.

We’ve created a front page post with a list of resources for folks to educate themselves on the complexity of racism, protesting, and more. It will also be a starting place for folks to find more find black streamers, game developers, thinkers, businesses, organizations, writers, scholars, and more. Please go check it out!

Like so many other areas of gaming, GWJ’s podcast, admin team, and community skew predominantly white. It's important we recognize our own complicity in the racial discrimination that underlies everything going on in the world, and the negative impact that can have on being actually inclusive or welcoming to all members of our community. As an organization, we need to do better at facing and addressing how systemic oppression, racism, and power have had an impact on the ability of all people to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome when engaging in our own spaces.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it can start right now and continue onward if we put in the work. If our support makes you uncomfortable or angry, examine that. Address that. We will have resources in our links to the show notes that can help.

That’s a start. Feel free to hit us up if you have questions.

Thank you for your time, your love, and your support. If you are interested in helping in any way to help facilitate the charity stream, resource management, or ESPECIALLY twitch chat moderation, please reach out to [email protected].

GWJ for Color of Change (donate here!)

GWJ for I Need Diverse Games (donate here!)


June 20th marked on my calendar.

Mine too. Thanks for setting this up, guys.

I look forward to seeing streaming in support of BLM!!

Maybe, get Mr. Sands to suffer through Dark Souls again if we get to a certain amount?

I am interested in filling a streaming slot and would be available any time that day. I would likely try to get a GWJ Destiny raid group together for it. Let me know what you need from me.

I would be interested in helping moderate twitch chat, I've done the work for a few years for a fairly large stream and know the ropes.

I've sent an email as requested. Either way I'm y be there to support!

Just sent over an idea for streaming if you need someone to fill a slot. Otherwise, I can also help moderate and will of course tune in.

Is there going to be a schedule of who's streaming & when?

LastSurprise wrote:

Is there going to be a schedule of who's streaming & when?

Yes! Still working out logistics and looking to post tonight if possible. Will leave TBDs on it

Here's a preliminary schedule, was planning to look into twitch widget schedulers tonight that I can put out to social media! IMAGE(

I have completely missed this.

mudbunny wrote:

Maybe, get Mr. Sands to suffer through Dark Souls again if we get to a certain amount?

Maybe Bloodborne or Sekiro this time!


Thank you! We're still going strong

I got roped into a work project so couldn’t be in chat but thank you guys for doing this. (Donated for course). What was the final count?