Dreams PS4 - Is Anyone Playing This? (from makers of LBP)

How do we not have a dedicated thread for this? It looks absolutely amazing!
Check out these creations made with Dreams. We NEED this on PC pronto!
This is just from one streamer:

Oooh, nice! I played it, started fiddling around with the tools... and then I got sidetracked. Would love to see what others here have come up with!

I played through the campaign that was included, Art's Dream. I've also messed around with some of the creation tools, but keep getting side tracked. There's a lot of neat stuff being made, though.

Art's Dream was an enjoyable experience, some really nice creativity in there. I'd love Media Molecule to release more original campaign's/story's in Dreams.

The potential is still huge but I think we're still a year or two out from substantial experiences from users that have high quality mechanics. I think it needs to be released on PC to really flourish.

I picked it up early in the year following a glowing review from a podcast I trust, but haven't spent more than 30 minutes with it so far due to too many other things occupying my time.

I want to get it and play with it and hopefully I will in the future, but right now I wouldn't be able to spend the time I'm sure it requires to learn how to do everything. I would be curious to see what any community members come up with, though!

In case you need more inspiration:

This software is friggen amazing. I hope the guys who make all the content tools take a deep look at this:
Maya, Blender, Max, Hammer, Snap Map, Unreal Engine, Unity, Zbrush, 3dcoat, Mudbox, Cinema4D and the rest.

It's the biggest gaping hole in my game library and I seriously don't know why.

It's 25% off currently on the PSN store. I'm tempted.

I see that Dreams is going to get PSVR support.

demonbox wrote:

I see that Dreams is going to get PSVR support.

I was a bit surprised yesterday to find out this was coming; I thought it was already there. Regardless, with everything I've heard, this has been on my "must have" list.