NCAA Football 2020-21 Season

ACC released weird 10 game schedule including ND and shipping division opponents... WTF

Stele wrote:

ACC released weird 10 game schedule including ND and shipping division opponents... WTF

Meh. It's merely something to get everyone excited until they cancel the season.

Enix wrote:
Stele wrote:

ACC released weird 10 game schedule including ND and shipping division opponents... WTF

Meh. It's merely something to get everyone excited until they cancel the season.

Ha...exactly! ESPN can get at least two or three 30 minute shows out of exploring the schedule!

SEC going to conference-only as well.

At least until someone comes to their god-damn senses and realizes that football should not be played in the middle of a pandemic.

For what its worth the Pac-12 released football schedules today.

Day, Date – Opponent
Sat., Sept. 26 – at Oregon State
Sat., Oct. 3 – at USC
Sat., Oct. 10 – Washington
Sat., Oct. 17 – at Washington State
Sat., Oct. 24 – Stanford
Sat., Oct. 31 – Bye
Sat., Nov. 7 – Oregon
Sat., Nov. 14 – at Arizona
Sat., Nov. 21 – Utah
Sat., Nov. 28 – at Arizona State
Fri., Dec. 4 – UCLA
Sat., Dec. 12 – Flex
Fri., Dec. 18 or Sat. Dec. 19 – Pac-12 Championship Game*

They devised the schedule where every team's opening game can actually move into each teams scheduled bye if the start is delayed a week and every team has the December 12 date open for another make up game if needed.

While it hardly matters, no one's rivalry game is in the last week. Cal plus furd on 10/24, USC-UCLA is week 1 (or 10/31 if moves to the bye), Apple Cup is actually in week 11, and whatever UO-OSU is now called is on week 4.

This will all be moot in a few weeks when everything is cancelled but hey... College Football!

In the aftermath of that PAC-12 letter, it is always astonishing to see how many CFB fans only care about these players on Saturday.

EDIT: For 3-5 hours on Saturday, actually.

Well I'm hoping more players from the rest of the Power 5 start doing the same thing. While its great Pac-12 football players have started this, without reading any comments I am going to be pretty sure that SEC ogre is just saying how horrible the Pac-12 is, how wimpy the west coast is, and how we are not needed. This only becomes a real issue if the Alabamas, Clemsons and Notre Dames of the world do the same.

So despite there being an actual schedule here in the Pac-12 I don't think there's anyone who actually thinks this season is going to happen. Maybe a few games get in before they shut it all down, but I doubt it. Do I wish we could have college football this season? Resoundingly yes, if only for the selfish reason that Cal should actually be good, but not at any cost, and certainly not during these current conditions.

FWIW Cal season ticket holders have been told that this years tickets will be cancelled and gave us options for what we paid. In case of the miracle cure, if any games are played that can actually have fans, they will be sold as single game tickets.

Well ACC released schedules today, for all the good it will do.

IU player's mom's post goes viral on damage from Covid.

While, the sports watchers of the world want CFB to come back, one of the reason we are seeing the player initiatives form are due to experiences like this one. Especially, concerns about long term heart issues.

No MAC-action this fall: the conference cancels football and other fall sports.

If you're keeping score at home, the MAC is the first FBS conference to punt on football.

UConn (independent FBS) pulled the plug on football a few days ago.

In that ESPN story above, it says nine of the 13 FCS conferences won't play football this fall. I think the Big South and the SoCon are two of the four I-AA holdouts. Not sure of the other two.

Very interesting thread with some points that hadn't occurred to me:

This is the part that jumped out at me:

"I can tell you with 100% conviction that many college football players are in a better situation right now on campus with the care of health officials, constant testing, high quality nutrition, athletic training & safety protocols than they would be if sent home for the semester"

CFB message boards gonna be HOT tomorrow.

On the other hand, this will be the smallest NCAA thread in GWJ history!


I know its a football thread, but I think we know where that's going to end up. So I'll just leave this here.

Your 2020 PGA Championship winner.


I'm actually not a big golf fan for a multitude of reasons... one of which of course is it being dominated by some stanfurd dude for a while.. but hey.. GO BEARS!

No posts on here about how the players are the ones who are currently the most vocal on social media about how they want the season to proceed, and how they feel that they'll be safer being with their teams this semester than at home? Lots of young people seem to still be gathering together from what I've seen. The choice isn't between being at college or being 99% safe at home - it's college or whatever they end up doing instead.

Check out the #wewanttoplay hashtag on Twitter. Trevor Lawrence has been especially vocal on this.

Just googled my way into this:

I haven't said much here, because it's clear that those who are posting feel very strongly that not playing is the way to go, but I think the other side should be heard. I do think that few to zero fans should be there, if play were to proceed.

Anyway, I hope we can discuss this in a respectful, GWJ manner.

Herbstreit just tweeted that the Big 10 decision is to delay not cancel.

Still hasn't been an official statement, so hard to know WTF is going on.

We know the players want to play.. heck I want the players to play.

No one here has any faith that the schools, the conferences, the NCAA can insure the players will be safe. So if that's the case then do we let them play under the guise that they will be safe until a Florida Marlins situation happens? Just because Nick Saban says so is not good enough for me, and it certainly shouldn't be good enough for anyone else. It disgusts me that football coaches are coming out and saying that their players are safer on campus playing football. Are these same coaches coming out protecting the swimming, volleyball and lacrosse teams too? Or is there some other reason they think football players are more susceptible to bad behavior?

The NCAA / Conferences have not responded formally to any of the concerns issued by the players, whether its the Pac-12 players' comprehensive list, or the more watered down B1G/#wewanttoplay requirements. The conferences punting is about all we expected. Is it ideal? No, but if the alternative is "just let them play" and hope for the best.. I'll take the punt. I don't like it at all but I think its inevitable. Its all about liability*, and the schools don't want any.

*By the way voluntary workouts at Cal did NOT include a liability waiver.

Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and more of the biggest names in college football pulled an epic rope-a-dope to announce their support for a players association

With players largely left out of the debate over whether or not college football would happen in the fall, having two of the most prominent players in the sport raise their voices got the attention of plenty of commentators.

But Lawrence and Fields weren't done with their message. A few hours after their initial posts, both players shared an image promoting the hashtags #WeAreUnited and #WeWantToPlay, giving a full picture of their wishes for the coming season.

-Establish universal mandated health & safety procedures and protocols to protect college-athletes against COVID-19 among all conferences throughout the NCAA.

-Give players the opportunity to opt-out and respect their decision.

-Guarantee eligibility, whether a player chooses to play the season or not.

-Use our voices to establish open communication & trust between players and officials; ultimately create a college football players association. Representative of the players of all power 5 conference.

You gotta wonder if those that are quick to support the players wanting to play will be as quick to support their other demands.

Jayhawker wrote:

You gotta wonder if those that are quick to support the players wanting to play will be as quick to support their other demands.

Exactly. People just see the hashtag.. see its Trevor Lawrence and good nuff lets play football.

If that's directed at me then probably same as with most anyone, I agree with them on some things and not on others. Pretty much the human experience, isn't it?

Anyone who wants to sit out and maintain eligibility I 100% support.

Health protocols - I think the SEC has already written theirs, but I'm happy to have suggestions, revisions, improvements.

More input from players on policies that affect them? That's reasonable.

I'm sure you've all seen it but here is the Pac-12 players' demands.

Included in there but not in #wewanttoplay,

Guaranteed Medical Expense Coverage
Medical insurance selected by players for sports-related medical conditions, including COVID- 19 illness, to cover six years after college athletics eligibility ends.

Name, Image, and Likeness Rights & Representation
The freedom to secure representation, receive basic necessities from any third party, and earn money for use of our name, image, and likeness rights.

Fair Market Pay, Rights, & Freedoms
Distribute 50% of each sport’s total conference revenue evenly among athletes in their respective sports.
Six-year athletic scholarships to foster undergraduate and graduate degree completion.

III. End Racial Injustice in College Sports and Society

50% of revenue is probably unreasonable, but lets be honest, so is 0%. Everything else in there is at least worth consideration.

The demand most germane to the pandemic that most college football fans likely wouldn’t support is the demand to have their health care needs met during and for years after the pandemic.

Let’s be honest. Anyone here looking at this thread is or has been (me) a college football fan at one point. The question right now is how much risk should they be forced to take for such a small chunk of the revenue.

It would be one thing if this wasn’t a business worth billions that subjected its unpaid employees to a lifetime of possible head injury risk. But given that the business is worth billions the only ethical way to play this sport, IMO, is to at least guarantee them health care to cover that risk.

Make the stadiums slightly smaller. Pay the coaches slightly less. But they deserve healthcare. Especially during a pandemic. They deserve much more than that, of course, but I don’t want to hear this “they’re safer in the bubble, business”, unless everyone making that argument isn’t willing to admit they deserve treatment sustained as unpaid labor in an industry worth billions.

Well actually all citizens deserve health care, not tied to employment. Maybe this will get some people to realize that.

Stele wrote:

Well actually all citizens deserve health care, not tied to employment. Maybe this will get some people to realize that.

Of course. My point is if you don’t even deserve it for putting your brain at risk... and in a pandemic... who are you even rooting for? Is it the kids? Does anyone care about the kids?