Hidden Gems of HBO Max

The challengers were fantastic! At least the pieces of 3-4 episodes I saw were like that.
But Bobby Flay its unclear whether he is supposed to be charming or a villain. He's not really effective at either.
And he does some elevated twists but I was pissed on the mac n cheese episode because he won by not making mac n cheese. Sure it had pasta and a cheese sauce but I mean football and football take place on a field with a ball despite being quite distinct.

Winning Time:

It's only really "Beat L.A." if it's from the Bay Area, Sacramento, or San Diego. Otherwise it's "Sparkling Dislike of Los Angeles." Also, f*ck Boston.

Tracy Morgan has a new stand up special on HBO.

I had the chance to see him back in the mid 2000's and skipped it because I had never heard him do stand up before and I didn't expect him to be good at it. My friends that went to the show told me I missed out on one of the grossest, filthiest, and funniest comedians of all time. I regret my decision not to go way more than one might expect.

I watched this new special the other night and it is so absolutely foul and funny that my wife had to pause it for a few minutes so that she didn't vomit and I could catch my breath from laughing so hard I almost passed out.

If filthy stand up is something you are in to, I couldn't recommend this any special any more highly.

Winning Time Season 2 Series Finale:

Gee, I wonder why they did a end-of-Quantum-Leap montage at the end of tonight's... oh, they cancelled it.

Found in an article about the show being canceled. This picture where Rambo and Magic are the same height as Kareem.


Based loosely on the pitch Warner Bros. totally didn't steal from Bruce Lee to make "Kung Fu," how dare you suggest otherwise, and aping a lot of that "Deadwood" historical sleaze, Warrior begs 2 questions: "Why am I only learning of this now?" and "Where have you been all my life?"