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Q: What the heck is Gunfire Reborn?

A: Gunfire Reborn is a fantasy FPS rougelite developed by Duoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment Limited.

Q: Duoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment Limited is not exactly a catchy name for a game studio, who the heck are they?

A: Presumably an offshoot of Duoyi Network, one of China’s largest game companies which has little to no exposure outside China, although this is only a guess. This appears to be their first release.

Q: Gunfire Reborn is a pretty terrible and boring name for a game, is this game terrible and boring?

A: Esteemed interlocutor, I can give you my assurances that it is neither. Unfortunate and uninspired title aside, Gunfire Reborn is a unique experience that challenging dungeons and bosses, satisfying shooting mechanics, thought-provoking weapon and ability options, and an art style which looks sort of like a low-poly version of a Pixar or DreamWorks animated film but with character and environment design clearly influenced by the developers’ Chinese cultural roots.

Q: Games being unique is nice, but can you tell me what other games I might like that this game is like so I can have a better idea of whether it’s likely I might like this game?

A: Risk of Rain is the most common comparison I’ve heard as the only “big” shoot-em-up roguelite on the block. The arsenal of randomly dropped guns with different types of elemental damage and secondary effects could be compared to Borderlands.

Q: What if I like games more when I can play them with friends?

A: Felicitous tidings! Gunfire Reborn can be played in co-op with teams of up to four players.

Q: How and where can I acquire Gunfire Reborn?

A: Gunfire Reborn released into Early Access this week on Steam. For roughly the next 36 hours, it’s on a special release week lucky discount of 13% at $10.43. After that it’s regular price is still just $11.99.

Q: As a longtime follower of your game thread OP’s, I’ve come to expect that you’ll conclude by embedding several trailer and gameplay video links, are you going to deviate from that pattern with this thread?

A: In a word, no.

I watched a video of some people playing and it looks like it could be fun even thought I'm not big on rougelite and random loot elements. Sad this thread got lost in the shuffle.

Here's the co-op gameplay I've been watching:

Based on what they're saying the in video, they're working on making it better, including the translation.

I just bought this game so if anyone wants to play, I'm in.

I've just noticed this game had a thread. A very fun co-op game that I've been playing a good amount of over the last few weeks. I'm having a bit of a break from it right now but I'll definitely be coming back to it soon.