Monster Train... a contender to Slay the Spire's throne?

Has anyone jumped onto the new DLC. Some very interesting mechanics, I haven't fully come to grips with them but it feels so fresh. Totally reinvigorated me.

So wrapped up with Loop Hero I didn’t realize a new DLC had dropped! Thanks for the heads-up.

Yep, it's excellent, and having a game I can just jump into for 30-45 mins is exactly what I need right now.

I was expecting just a new faction and instead I got this whole new shard and infusion system. They kinda broke the regular climb to Covenant 25, because Seraph is a complete joke with the monster infusion, but I don't care as I was already there, and always just go for the Divinity kill every run now. So many awesome combos are now possible; it has completely refreshed the gameplay experience.

I've also been playing this recently - I'm trying to get one win in with each combo to fill in the log book and then I'll probably start climbing the ladder.

Looks like this was just released for the Switch. As a Slay the Spire junkie I am very much interested in picking this up. From what I can see it looks like the DLC is included.

Pretty good game although I do think it unseated Spire.