Animal Crossing: Goodjer Marketplace

It was suggested that we separate the Turnip/Recipe/Flowers/etc conversations from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons main thread.

We can negotiate on norms as we go, but as a starting point...

Suggested Format:

Islander Name:
Island Name:
Friend/Dodo Code:
Turnip Price:
Open/Close Time (Timezone):

Islander Name:Trichy
Island Name:Dem Pears
Friend/Dodo Code:69YNN
Turnip Price:592
Fruits:All are available, pears are native.
Flowers:Please water the three rectangular fields to the right of the island, just in front of the laboratory.
Offers:There are a few recipes on the stands in front of Nooks Crossing, take what you like.
Needs:If anyone has rusted parts, that'd be great. Otherwise, just enjoy!
Open/Close Time:Going to be shutting it down at about 11:45 am CST.

With as fast as that other thread moves, it might help slow things down a bit for newbies and folks wanting to discuss the game while the commerce chatter is here. Convincing folks to shift might prove difficult and be confusing for some to determine what goes where as for many that's the whole game already.

I really love this template though and want a way for it to be kept and put to use! It's really good!

Islander Name: Nimcosi
Island Name: Pupperea
Hemisphere: Northern
Friend/Dodo Code: Closed
Visitor(s): Flick
Turnip Price: 558
Fruits: Pears are native, have all others as well.
Offers: Few DIY lying around
Needs: Rare flowers
Open/Close Time (Timezone): Closed

Islander Name: RJ
Island Name: Trenzalore
Hemisphere: Northern
Friend/Dodo Code: see google doc
Turnip Price:
Fruits: Pears Native (all growing)
Open/Close Time (Timezone):
Other: Week 2, just getting started

Islander Name: Trichy's Daughter
Island Name: PeachBeach
Hemisphere: Northern
Friend/Dodo Code: 5H1N9
Visitor(s): CJ
Turnip Price: 595
Fruits: Peaches
Offers: Some extra DIY recipes available
Needs: None, but she just graduated first in her class from high school, I'm unbearably proud, just saying.