Bluetooth keyboard with hardware function lock

Now that I'm working from home full time I need a keyboard that I can use front and center. I have my laptop off to the side a bit and my monitor straight ahead so I have 2 screens.

I have a Logitech K400r but it defaults to the useless special keys instead of functions. Like how often do I need the wireless device menu in windows instead of the actual F5 key that they made that the default behavior? The main problem is that while I can connect the keyboard as a generic HID device this model requires the Logitech software to lock the function key. Although I am a local admin on my machine it's technically only for building code and not for installing non-approved software so I don't want to get caught running unapproved stuff. Secondarily if I could get it locked through software or just tape it down it toggles the up/down and page up/down keys that I use both of quite a bit. I tried about every keyboard combo on the internet but there are a number of posts stating for this model you have to use the logitech software.

So any recommendations for Bluetooth keyboard that doesn't have function keys defaulted off or has a hardware or shortcut key to function lock (and has separate arrow and page keys)?

I have the same kyb and I never thought to find a way to switch the Fn key from default on to default off.
Quick google search sent me to reddit which in turn sends us to Logitech's download center.

seems that we can download something called Logitech Options which inverses the default Fn behaviour.

just downloaded the app;

seem's pretty straight forward

Funny looking numpad there.

Yeah I would install the software if I could.

I ended up just ordering one through work that is on the ok list. I don't know why I didn't think of that to begin with.