GWJ Conference Call Episode 708

Gears Tactics (PC), Offworld Trading Company (PC), Raft (PC), Cloudpunk (PC), Control (PC), Horizon's Gate (PC).

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Amanda, Sean, and Rich are joined by guests Soren and Leyla Johnson from Mohawk Games to discuss the early access release of OldWorld.

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00:01:53 Gears Tactics
00:13:59 Offworld Trading Company
00:15:53 Raft
00:19:32 Cloudpunk
00:24:10 Horizon's Gate
00:30:41 Control
00:33:39 Old World

Loving Gears Tactics so far. If you just want the PC Gamepass, it's $5/month. Don't get the game at full price.

I never buy games in early access, but damn, this game made me want to buy Old World right now. It sounds so exciting, and I loved hearing about the new mechanics that Soren discussed and the stories that Lydia's built!

Anyone else think the combination of Leyla's voice and accent would make her a perfect narrator for some game? (Honestly, if The Old World needs some VO for something, just have her do it.)

This ep sold me on Old World — the clincher was the references to Dan Carlin and Mike Duncan! Love the art in the game, too.