Predator: Hunting Grounds

Released today on Epic and PS4:

Made by the same small studio that made the F13 game awhile back!

Who's grabbing it and on what platform? I'm going to but I want to know the preferred Goodjer platform!

Plan to get it on EPIC this weekend. I am up for some games next week after 9PM EST.

Looks like there's some capacity for crossplay? I just a had a friend pick it up on ps4, so I'm leaning that way, but I just connected epic and steam so hopefully the cross play gets rolling,

Played a few hours this weekend, got up to level 20 or so. Here's my thoughts:

-It's fun, though maybe not $40 worth of fun
-Sound design is fantastic, great music, good audio cues. I mostly figure out where the predator is from sound cues, and the few times I've played as predator the fake noise maker is my best friend.
-Game loop is unclear, tutorial is extremely limited to controls, its tough to tell what the rhythm of the game is supposed to be. The Predator game-play style is the muddiest point. The Pred plays most comparable to assassins creed, but the targets this time are not NPCs, theyre not in a single location. Human opposition (with guns) kind of makes that AC flow questionable . Should you just dive in and melee? Should you ping from far away? It seems to be the latter until the end of the match. But the Pred doesn't know when that is coming, and doesn't know how the human players are doing on their objectives. As such doesn't know when they're under pressure or not. Humans do know the predators objective: kill them get the skull. So, asymmetric info against the predators.
--Predator player gameplay issues are exacerbated by locking most of the predators iconic "tools" behind leveling. No disc for me yet so many hours in, no staff (which word is that that is the best weapon for the Pred)
--They have a loot system straight out of Overwatch both structurally, and in presentation. It had me asking "What year is it?!"
-- some pretty good fan service, classic lines are integrated in in a nice way. Some cosmetics are cool too, one that is a reference to illfonic's previous f13 game.
--humans have a starting advantage-- their game-play is highly familiar and basically play a military FPS, in a FPS setting (unlike the Pred playing AC in an FPS).
--Wait times were not bad on PS4.
--Still figuring out the maps, its tough to judge them, as all of them are ....jungles, which makes sense.

Anyways I'm still dabbling, still figuring it out.

Thanks for the update on how things are. I have yet to play it but hope to soon. Based on your quick review and others, the game has a good foundation that will hopefully be ironed out and improved on going forward.

Anyone had any luck with crossplay on this? I'm thinking about picking it up in the Epic sale, but everyone I know that's playing it is on PS4 and I don't have a PSN subscription.