NFL 2020: Draft

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He's "a bigger Lamar Jackson" though.

lol. I've heard folks optimistically call him a "white Lamar Jackson".

Optimistic would be the word. He's got a long ways to go before he's even a "white Kordell Stewart".

Remember the DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar saga? Well let me get you up to speed on the latest.

Baker, who is facing four felony counts, was cut by the Giants, but Dunbar has remained a Seahawk, after police declined to charge Dunbar due to lack of evidence.

That may be changing now that text messages sent shortly after the incident implicate Dunbar, and match what victims had told police, prior to those victims recanting their story after allegedly being paid off by Dunbar.

The texts are new evidence acquired via a search warrant that granted police access to the iCloud account of a witness's phone.

Ryan Shazier officially retires. Shame.

Also, Rams extend Jalen Ramsey.

$21m a year for Ramsey. They're already up against the cap this year and pretty much next year too, so there's likely to be a lot of backloading in this deal. It's going to have some gnarly cap figures in the back half.

The Cowboys needed someone to laugh at.

garion333 wrote:

The Cowboys needed someone to laugh at.

I feel like a team in the same division as the Washington Football Team doesn't really need to look hard for an organization to laugh at.

Von Miller has suffered an ankle injury that will likely (though not yet certainly) cost him the 2020 season.

Apparently the "best case" is a 3 month timeline, which leaves the tail end of the season (and potentially postseason) within the realm of possibility.

Gotta be coming up on the end of his career too.

Yep. I think Von should hang it up right now, please!

But that does suck. Impossible to hate him, even as much as I hate the Broncos.

If you're going to pick a year to have a season-ending injury, this is definitely the year to aim for.

Shouldn't one of y'all start a Week 1 thread? We're 26 hours from the start of the season!

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Shouldn't one of y'all start a Week 1 thread? We're 26 hours from the start of the season!

So we've got 25 hours and 59 minutes before we really need to get serious about a new thread.


Enix wrote:

Shouldn't one of y'all start a Week 1 thread?

You know you've been rocking that Descendents logo forever, so make like a punk band and DIY.

Maybe we could just try one regular season thread again and see how it goes?

Then we'll always be ready for Thurs night boring games.

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Kirk Cousins has some stupid opinions on COVID facemasks.

Ah another idiot that doesn't understand that wearing a mask is to protect OTHER PEOPLE.

I'm as pro-mask as anyone else, but I think Cousins does get it, and there's some clickbait involved. If I was sure I couldn't infect anyone else, I'd consider not wearing my mask too. I'm more concerned that my elderly relatives will get sick if I get it. Some Cousins quotes:

I want to respect other people's concerns, but for me personally, if you're talking no one else can get the virus, what is your concern that you could get it? I'd say I'm going to go about my daily life.
my opinion about wearing a mask is really about being respectful to other people
face shields...if that's the protocol and we have to abide by it to have a season, we have to find a way to make it work.
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If I'm New England, Tampa, or Pittsburgh, I would grab him(Josh Rosen) and start developing him without the play-now pressure hanging over him.

Pittsburgh is so screwed by the 2021 salary cap, I don't think we could have afford Rosen coming off of waivers. It's also not clear he's an upgrade over our other prospects, despite their terrible 2019. Rosen definitely picked a better QB room in Buffalo than the competition he'd have in Pittsburgh, where the other prospect is Jake Fromm.

I'm thrilled to get our QB3, rocket scientist Josh Dobbs, back from the Jags for possibly for the minimum. He's almost ready to go for us too, as he was the QB2 headed into the 2019 preseason until Mason Rudolph beat him out and the Jags offered a 5th round pick. I expect him to help out Ben from the sidelines all year again.

Even bigger news to me is Sean Davis. He was a starting safety for us for 3+ years, and while we we complained, he was hardly the weak point of the defense once we moved him from SS to FS. If he hadn't gone down in week 2 for the year last year, we would probably still be starting him. With Minkah Fitzpatrick around though, he became expendable, and worth more as a free agent than we could afford. Our safety depth was severely lacking all preseason, and it seemed like safeties were getting larger than expected deals all year. I think we just have to pay his $2M base salary for a starter level backup, and then hopefully hang onto him in 2021.

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Shouldn't one of y'all start a Week 1 thread?

You know you've been rocking that Descendents logo forever, so make like a punk band and DIY.

Fine. Done. Here's the Week 1 thread.