Final Fantasy 7: Remake

GWJ Conference Call Episode 705

Final Fantasy 7: Remake (PS4), Stellaris (PC), Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord (PC), Animal Crossing (Switch), Doom Eternal (PC), Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (Board Game), Alpha and Omega, Your Emails, and More!

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Amanda, Cory, Rich, and Glendon discuss their current gaming Alpha and Omega: First game remembered vs last game played.

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00:02:20 Final Fantasy VII Remake
00:18:30 Stellaris
00:27:56 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
00:39:59 Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (tabletop)
00:44:52 Animal Crossing
00:52:05 First Game Remembered vs. Last Game Played
01:08:38 Your Emails

Baby staygold's first game. I'm also pretty sure I learned to use a computer before I could walk (I was a late "walker" because crawling was so much faster!). It was something out of the Living Book Series. I have the fondest memories of playing Arthur's Computer Adventure as my "first game"

One thing I've noticed with Mount & Blade 2 is that you practically have to point your camera straight down in order to hit any infantry with your sword or axe.


Oh my gosh, Staygold, that pic is just so cute!

My earliest game is Alley Cat, which you can play in browser now, and is in sharp contrast with Shadow of the Tomb Raider which I wrapped up last Sunday!! I just played a bit of Alley Cat right now with my two kiddos watching, and they're actually a little older than I was when I first played it! They were intrigued and found it funny, but the Switch seems to interest them more.

I have to admit, Mount & Blade 2 wasn't even on my radar, but it is now! I spent so much time on Warband about... oooof, ten years ago. I played nearly 300 hours of it. Pretty crazy. And I built so many stories in there. Alliances through marriage, conquest, betrayals, ... my empire ended up spanning the entire map.

And count me in regarding the comfort gaming these days. I'm playing a lot of Borderlands 3 with friends, Guild Wars 2, and otome of course. Not spending a lot of time on the newer games I should be playing (that Pile just doesn't seem to ever shrink!).

Great episode, had a lot of fun playing it.

My earliest game might be some arcade game like Pac-Man or Galaga, but at home it was definitely Parsec on the TI-99.

My most recent is Animal Crossing, which has eaten so much of my gaming time. I played it this morning and a bit after lunch. I'll probably play something else tonight. Maybe Stellaris; I've been taking another run at it. My problem in the past has been that I run out of patience in the early 4X phase after seeing only a few anomalies. I need to press on and find these cool story hooks that everybody always talks about.

My first game was Combat on the Atari 2600.

I have fond memories of beating my brother in the tank game, but when we played airplanes I insisted on being the big plane vs his 3 little planes (which were clearly superior from a game perspective).

This is a bit different from my current adoration of Apex Legends, albeit not so much. Aim, positioning, anticipating your opponent are all the key factors to this day.

My first game was Enduro Racer running on a Timex Sinclair 2068 and on a small black and white TV.


I loved that game and I've always loved cars and racing games. I'm not sure how to compare it to the last game I played, which is Automobilista 2, but it is amazing how far racing sims have come. I do know that I need a lot of practice behind the wheel, though!

The first game I ever played was Super Mario Bros when I was about three at my cousin's, but the first game I remember playing at my house was The Secret of Monkey Island when I was about seven. Thus began my long love affair of adventure games and funny games.


My latest game I played and finished, other than my nightly Overwatch is Close to the Sun which was free on the Epic store last week.It was free last week on the Epic game store. It's an adventure/ horror game set in the late 19th century, and deals with ideas surrounding Tesla, utopian societies, and oddly enough, quarantine. It's set on an impossibly large ocean liner that travels the waters and evades authorities all in the pursuit of science and the betterment of mankind. If anyone has played the Bioshock series this should all feel very familiar. I enjoyed the setting and the general plot, though the twist was telegraphed badly enough that I knew if from the moment one of the characters spoke. What broke me from the immersion was the dialogue. The characters speak like 21st century millennials. I don't mean the lack of Mid-Atlantic accents, I mean the idioms the characters used, the profanity peppered in the everyday conversations and the slang employed immediately made me think "This doesn't sound like the 1890s at all. That's a flapper expression, that's a mid 20th century idiom, this doesn't sound real." Maybe it's better in the original Italian.

The first game I remember playing (not counting Minesweeper or something like that, not counting watching older cousins play games at their houses) was Chex Quest, the "non-violent" Doom conversion which came in cereal boxes.

Until relatively recently I thought nobody else even remembered this, and now its getting an HD remaster.

My biggest Oh Duh moment in gaming...

Final Fantasy 1 on NES, so we’re talking 1980s, and I had already played through Dragon Warrior 1 and some other RPGs...

I had worked my way through most of the game, all the while trying to min-max my characters as best I could, always buying and comparing the best weapons, armor, and equipment for my party...

I had a friend over, and he asked me...

“Aren’t you going to equip any of those?”

“Equip? My characters are already holding the items in their slots.”

“No, you need the letter E next to everything to equip”.

So needless to say I got through most of the game with everyone naked and attacking with only their fists.

- - - -

Middcore, AVGN posted a very good and entertaining review of Chex Quest a while back: