Download speeds throttled with new modem?

About 6 weeks ago we had our ISP (Spectrum) come out and troubleshoot intermittent loss of internet service. They replaced the cable running out to the road, and also said our cable modem needed to be updated, so they gave us a new one.

I use an Orbi mesh wifi router with my main PC. Steam/EA/Origin downloads with the old cable modem were reliably in the 22-28Mbps speed range. Ever since we got the new modem (technicolor tc8717t), they are pinned at right around 8Mbps, max.

I thought there may be some setting on the new modem that is throttling bandwidth to the router, but I can't seem to access it via the modem IP address ( I called Spectrum and they basically said they couldn't help and couldn't see the setting on the cable modem (?!).

Oddly enough, running web-based speed tests show wifi download speeds in the 60-70Mbps range. But I have downloaded numerous games at different times of day from different services and never get about 8 or so Mbps.

Any ideas?

Many ISPs and game hosts are congested right now, with all the people working from home. But going from 70 to 8 probably means that they messed up with the modem they gave you; either they misconfigured it or gave you one that won't support your normal data rates.

I'd call Spectrum and talk to them... ask them to be sure that the modem was correctly provisioned, and that the new cable line is conducting a good signal. It's possible the tech didn't properly tighten down the connection, or there was some corrosion in the connector that they missed.

edit: oh, I just saw the speed test thing. Hmm. I think it might just be overloaded servers. I'd call Spectrum anyway, just to be sure. Ask the rep to do a sanity check on your modem config.

Are you able to download anything faster than 8mbps? Or is it just games?

If you can, post your signal levels. Speedtests can be a little misleading, they can hide very obvious signal issues. Really just need downstream receive power with frequencies listed, and upstream transmit power with frequencies.