Charger for a MackBook Air

Hello guys, i have a MackBook Air 13-inch (Early 2015) Amd the cable is starting to get yellowing and will most likely break soonish... Are there any good replacements i CAN BUY that re more durable? This is the magnegic one.

I found this on Amazon, but looks something almost exactly as the one I have.

Your text to link here...

Any better suggestions?
Thank you in advance

If you can still get one from Apple, that might be a better idea. Many of those aftermarket chargers are very low quality, internally. The Apple chargers are expensive, but have really good electronics and are unlikely to fail or cause damage to the laptop.

Apple patented the magnetic connector, so there are no approved third-party chargers. Just the "official" one and knockoffs that I personally wouldn't trust.

When I needed a new charger for my last Macbook, I went to Other World Computing and was happy with them and with what I got. I think is the one you'd want. It's more expensive than the knockoff you were looking at, but a much better price than Apple charges.

Thank you guys