Joyconjurer Ep 11 - A Bonfire



At this particular moment in time, answering questions from the way the world used to be doesn't feel useful—or right. But, in Dark Souls parlance, I want this column to be a bonfire.

Hi. I see you. Welcome. Warm yourself up, stay awhile.

Usually, as we rest at the bonfire, we think about a world being reset. But that's not the case here. Things have changed, the events of the past few months have altered the world, and this kind of change is scary. We all want a reset button, a bonfire with the power to return the world to a familiar state. We are all grieving for the world that was, and in many cases, for the people we've lost. Sure, we will have opportunities to build a better world after this, but the cost has already been too high.

In the spirit of this column, I want to make myself available to help people find the little fragments of joy as they deal with [gestures broadly at the world]. As such, I'm sending out a fresh call for submissions. You can send them to [email protected].

I welcome submissions of all kinds, from coping with the new normal to quandaries from before things took a turn, from a story about your own moment of joy and connection to the tale your own inner grief or fear. You're not alone, no matter where you are on the globe or what state your inner world.

I'm here. I see you.

Mr GT Chris on the forums also created the Coping with Coronavirus thread, and has collected a vast array of resources, links, and information from the community. As many parts of the world deepen in isolation to protect everyone, it's heartening to see us coming together here to share the things that are getting us through.

Be safe everyone. I look forward to hearing from you.