Server Migration Tonight 11EST/10CST/8PST!



GWJ will have extended downtime tonight as we move to a new (and better!) server. Plan is to start the work at 11EST/10CST/8PST. Thank you for your patience during the downtime!

Our thoughts are with *Legion* during these trying times.

GWJ Team


The site is back up! We've moved to a new, faster, more secure and updated server. There will likely be some hiccups over the last few days as we get settled in. So, please report back here or @ me on Twitter (@Doogiemac or @GWJOps) so I can check into any issues. Please don't ping me about feature requests, etc... at least not yet. Next few days will be focused on making sure we're comfy in our new home.

Known issues

  • Fixed: The server is currently unable to send emails, e.g. contact form and PM notifications. Working on a fix right now!


It could just be me (yay placebo!) but things seem a lot snappier. Especially on mobile. Almost zero load times! Thanks for being awesome Jeff!

I live!