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Another Journaling solo game that might be of interest to writers and TTRPG players:
The Silent Garden.

The Silent Garden is a solo, journaling game about Medusa walking through her garden, remembering all of the people who have taken residence as statues there. It is a written in a way that allows you to choose your own path and features over 50 unique pathways that can be taken through the garden. Choose your path and tell the story of the statue found at the end of it, continuing until you reach the end of the garden.

Tessa Violet has been doing a "Something to Look Forward To Tour" from her bedroom. Livestreaming for about 90 mins on Youtube, playing her songs, chatting with the chat, encouraging people to get up for dance break, etc. I caught most of the latest one live and it was pretty cool.

I think the next one is Sunday afternoon at 2 PST, if people want to catch it live.

D&D Online and Lord of the Rings Online are both going entirely free (including all DLC) for the duration of things.

My daughter and I have been rocking Cosmic Kids Yoga when it's too cold to go outside:

Amazon sub-channel-thing, Shudder has upped their free 7 day trial to a free 30 day trial. If you're into your horror movies, it seems to be where Amazon Prime has tucked away most of the actual GOOD ones.
Just need to apply the discount code "SHUTIN" when signing up.

Oh and STARZ is 3 months for $1 per month. Which means i can FINALLY check out Castle Rock.

The "Games to Help You Stay Inside" Collection - a bunch of heavily discounted indie games on that's worth checking out.

pyxistyx wrote:

For the knitters out there...
(posted by ActualDragon in the slack)

Apparently Ravelry's knitting patterns are all free.

Not all patterns are free, but there are thousands of free patterns available. And honestly, the pattern is the very smallest part of the expense for most knitting projects -- you end up spending a lot more on the yarn. So many yarn festivals have been cancelled this spring, that it's cut off income for many designers/teachers, so if you can afford to spend $5-$10 on a pattern that will fill hours of crafting time, this is actually a good time to buy patterns to support the designers you like.

But here's a link to the free patterns available. (130,000 free patterns will take up quite a bit of your time). And if anyone wants knitting advice, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do to help.

Cool, thanks for the correction!

Stained glass chalk art on a driveway or sidewalk.

Use painter's tape to create the outline and the different shapes. Add colorful sidewalk chalk to each section, and then remove the tape.



Kind Words on Steam for $4.99