March 16 - 22


IMAGE(   Felix “BFG 10000” Threepaper

Welcome, and happy “88th Anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge” week! The ribbon-cutting ceremony was interrupted by a proto-fascist, Francis De Groot, who charged in on a horse and cut the ribbon with a sword. People thought that he must be insane to behave like that, but after professional examination by 3 doctors, the consensus was that he was not insane, just a nob.

Forget the gloom, because here comes DOOM. DOOM Eternal brings some new tricks: a grappling hook (attached to your shotgun, because DOOM), a flamethrower, some wall-running, and more. It’s all part of the DOOM ethos: always be moving, always be killing. There’ll be more first-person platforming and secrets this time. I read a preview that said that despite DOOM Eternal’s new features, it still felt like “classic DOOM.” By this, they meant 2016 DOOM; I felt old. Actually a classic, DOOM 64 comes out across all platforms too.

On the polar opposite end of the aggro spectrum sits Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Mark this down as another beloved Nintendo property I’ve never played, but I can see its tranquil appeal. It’s funny how real life chores can be relaxing in videogames. I guess if I could plant vegetables in my actual back yard just by pressing X, I’d be a master horticulturist, too. On top of the usual Animal Crossing features, New Horizons will have crafting, and you’ll eventually be able to terraform your island. Fans are not happy with the one-island-per-switch rule and the current lack of cloud save support, but perhaps that will all be forgotten once they’re on their island, happily pole-vaulting over rivers, making tables, catching fish, and whatever else folks do in these games.

Panzer Corps 2 drops this week. It aims for more complexity and granularity, as is the general trend of turn-based wargames. This is not a noob-friendly title, but one for the true grognards who know their [obscure German tank name] from their [other obscure German tank name].

Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed is another chapter of the saga. You can play as one of two new factions or any of the 11 old ones, and it’s a new standalone campaign that starts in 194, around the end of the main campaign.

Stellaris: Federations is an expansion that has a general theme of fleshing out the diplomatic options in the game, but reading between the lines of the release notes, it looks like they’re trying to put Star Wars plot beats into your playthroughs:

  • “Unite the space empires with a galactic senate”
  • “...sway the senate to position yourself as a leader, trading favors and maneuvering, doing whatever it takes to gain influence”
  • “Construct glorious new projects for your empire like the Juggernaut, a massive mobile starbase”

Anyhoo, I’m impressed at the long tail of support for Stellaris.

For me, it’s a photo finish between DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Do I go for refinement or novelty? I’ll give it to DOOM Eternal by a nose—better the devil you know.

Here's the list, now in release-date AND alphabetical order!


  • 03-16

  • AI * Shoujo
  • Democratic Socialism Simulator
  • Draco VR Dragon Sim
  • Encore Classic Card Games
  • Fantasy Town Crisis
  • Full Animal Party
  • Oasis Defense
  • Perpetual Dream
  • SECTOR 40: The Soviet Legacy
  • Slay The Bigies
  • Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator
  • Super Bit Blaster XL
  • Toxastra
  • WoMen in Science
  • 03-17

  • Apocalypse, Wow!
  • Beardy McStrongarm
  • BLIND QUEST - The Enchanted Castle
  • Fill all
  • Green: An Orc's Life
  • Heroines of Swords & Spells
  • Horse Racing Rally
  • Industrial Petting
  • ISOLAND3: Dust of the Universe
  • Multiple Cars
  • Pillars of Dust
  • R.B.I. Baseball 20
  • Stellaris: Federations
  • Super DEE
  • VE GSIM Tower Crane Simulator
  • Zombie Mutant DNA
  • 03-18

  • Battle Ram
  • Berry mayhem
  • Black blood
  • Bridge Crawler
  • Deadly Night - No Escape
  • Dunk Lords
  • Dwarf Shop
  • Lumberjack
  • Profitania
  • Rescue Elves
  • Simple LOTO Simulator
  • 03-19

  • 100 Doors Games - Escape from School
  • A Plunge into Darkness
  • AZ: Oath of Brotherhood Prologue 1
  • Chronicle of Daneya
  • Corpse disaster-survivors
  • Demon Hunting
  • Escape First 3
  • Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master
  • Overrun
  • Panzer Corps 2
  • Pyro the Exterminator
  • Silent World
  • Submarine Adventure
  • Terra Incognito - Antarctica 1911
  • The Explorer
  • The Maze VR
  • The Superpower Squad
  • Tiny Bunny
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed
  • TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2
  • 03-20

  • Alien Frontline
  • Beyond This Side
  • Bone Marrow
  • Borderus
  • CHAR01 VR
  • Core Defense: Prologue
  • DOOM 64
  • DOOM Eternal
  • Evil Heart Fever
  • Graviter
  • Haustoria
  • KobberParty - Castle Explorer
  • Magical Charming! Chronicles of Zero
  • Metallic Metronome
  • Night Road
  • Out of the Park Baseball 21
  • Party Arena: Board Game Battler
  • Plastris
  • Polary
  • Rabbit Simulator
  • Return to Sender
  • Samozbor ID:HEAVEN
  • Scrolor
  • Secret House
  • Shoot Them 2
  • Solar Warden
  • Stocksynd House
  • Sunglasses for 3D Visual Novel Maker
  • The Dawn
  • The Pale City
  • Topang
  • Wacky Golf Land
  • Without A Voice
  • YATB: You Are The Best - Egypt Chapter
  • 03-21

  • Crazy Puzzle
  • Resistance Organization
  • 03-22

  • What's Inside??


  • 03-16

  • Rainbows, Toilets and Unicorns
  • 03-17

  • La-Mulana 1 & 2: Hidden Treasures Edition
  • R.B.I. Baseball 20
  • Shenmue III: Big Merry Cruise
  • 03-18

  • Deemo Reborn: EGOIST Special Selection
  • 03-20

  • DOOM 64
  • DOOM Eternal

Xbox One

  • 03-17

  • La-Mulana 1 & 2: Hidden Treasures Edition
  • Phantasy Star Online 2
  • R.B.I. Baseball 20
  • 03-18

  • Explosive Jake
  • 03-19

  • TT Isle of Man 2
  • 03-20

  • DOOM 64
  • DOOM Eternal


  • 03-16

  • Deep Diving Adventures
  • Super Bit Blaster XL
  • This Strange Realm Of Mine
  • 03-17

  • La-Mulana
  • La-Mulana 1 & 2: Hidden Treasures Edition
  • La-Mulana 2
  • Narcos: Rise of the Cartels
  • R.B.I. Baseball 20
  • 03-18

  • Explosive Jake
  • Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing
  • 03-19

  • Beyond Enemy Lines: Essentials
  • Dezatopia
  • Factotum 90
  • Ghost Sweeper
  • SeaBed
  • Silent World
  • The Secret Order: Shadow Breach
  • 03-20

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • DOOM 64
  • Mist Hunter
  • Pooplers
  • Quell Memento


Quite the release week list! I still haven't played Doom 2016 because I was so disinterested by the MP beta of the game. But, I do enjoy the series and def enjoy watching videos of the games!

That said, AC is a buy, but probably not this week. Shame I didn't preorder, but I'm saving funds atm for what is likely obvious reason. Instead, I'll be playing some more Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on my 3DS, which is the reason I didn't buy the Switch MD game that came out last week. Smart choices during the pandemic!

I’ll pick up Doom later: hell will be there when I want it. For now, I’m just excited to dig into Animal Crossing with my wife.

Hooray for unbearably twee pyramid schemes and loan sharking!

All well. Got Animal Crossing for cheap, Doom and Nioh 2. Let's go

Shenmue III: Big Merry Cruise

Not exactly the best timing for Ryo to have finally found those sailors.


<3 Shenmue

AC is so great. Join us in thread everyone.