I need a KVM that doesnt suck

Adding my work laptop to my home office has proven tricky. My ideal setup would let me switch between my desktop and laptop while using the same monitor, keyboard+mouse and 1 or 2 other USB accessories like my webcam and Zukey.

I tried 2 different cheap-ish KVMs from Amazon

Both were clearly cheaply made with nice exteriors, presumably from China, from no-name companies. Both had issues with the video cutting out (I eliminated my HDMI cords, monitor, and GPU as possible culprits). I also don't like that they are limited to 30hz and were USB 2.0 only.

I don't mind paying more but there has to be something between these $30 crapkits and the $200 clearly corporate oriented devices I see.

Does anyone have a recommended device?

Do you have only one monitor and if so, does it have multiple inputs?

What I did on the cheap is just use a USB switch for mouse/keyboard and then manually switch the monitor input. Could be an option.


That's the fallback Im considering. My one monitor does have 2 HDMI inputs. Ill do this if I can't find a higher quality KVM in the next few days.

I've been using this one since August and been pretty happy with it so far. Anything faster than USB2.0 seems uncommon on KVM switches, as there's not really an advantage for keyboards or mice.

Thanks, I ordered that. We'll see how it goes (on Friday, because now Amazon prime delivery takes 5 days, thats slower than Christmas! Thanks, TP hoarders)

I think I went through most of the KVMs on Amazon before giving up on it and just going with two inputs to a monitor and this USB switch. Worked a treat, and I've gotten so fast at switching monitor inputs that I'm not even really consciously aware that I'm doing it.

For those who are using their monitors with multiple inputs, just a reminder that ClickMonitor DDC is pretty amazing once set up. Set up hotkeys and/or batch files to switch your monitor to preferred brightness and color settings as well as select inputs. It uses very little system resources as well.

At one time I used a KVM, but a combination of this plus a mouse/keyboard sharing utility (like Synergy/ShareMouse/Mouse Without Borders/etc) is working a lot better for my multi-system and multi-monitor setup.