Coping with Coronavirus

If I may make it about me for a moment: my father is in a high-risk group. He is over 70 and is a cancer survivor. I have avoided seeing him since all this started, which takes a toll on me, but there is a non-negligible risk he could contract a virus that is more likely to be serious to him than it is to me through me, and the things I would have to do to mitigate that risk to my satisfaction aren't acceptable compromises to me. The lack of contact with me takes a toll on him as well, but he is supportive of my choices.

My father does not observe quarantine procedures as strictly as I would like for someone of his risk level. He prefers to go to the grocery store at the hours that are convenient to him than to get groceries delivered or to use seniors-only hours in which the store observes stricter risk-mitigation procedures, and he has resumed going out to restaurants since that became an option. He would do more if there were more available for him to do.

This worries me, but I remind myself that he is in his last years, and those last years are his to spend as he chooses. That's the kind of man my father is. He also has a living will with specific instructions to pull the plug if he were to fall into a persistent vegetative state, etc. There's no particular reason to believe that he's at risk for that, but I still think about it sometimes. If that day ever comes, it would fall to me to ensure that my father's wishes were carried out. That would be a difficult thing for me, emotionally, but I am honored by his trust in me.

When I am troubled, I find it comforting to think about things I'm grateful for. I'm grateful that my father is currently cancer-free. I'm grateful that he completed the surgeries and radiation treatments that got him that way before the ban on "elective" procedures that would have delayed them, potentially worsening his condition. I'm also grateful that that ban has since been lifted, meaning he has resumed the screenings that will alert us should his cancer return.

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hbi2k wrote:

"These are my values and priorities and understanding of the world; I will act in accordance with them. I will make decisions for myself that make sense for me." That makes you the hero of the story, instead of a helpless victim.

Only to yourself. If you want to be a hero to yourself and others, change it to "I will make decisions for myself that take into account the needs of those around me". This is, after all, the kind of thinking that maintains a civil society, and also allows us to absorb the body-blows of selfish behavior from the few who can't be bothered with things like empathy and awareness of others needs.

Food for thought in these trying times.

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No more baiting and condescension please. I get that there will be heated disputes from time to time but this is not the place. It's far outside the stated scope. Thank you.

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I agree, and reiterate my call to keep condescending statements about the "stupidity" of actions we disagree with out of this thread.

To be very clear, I'm talking about your posts. If you can't abide by the stated purpose of the thread then please refrain from posting. Thank you.

~mod~ You are the only one comfortable with your conduct in this thread. The rest of the thread has clearly stated so, and your sudden insistence on stating that you're the only one rational enough to maintain civility in the face of everyone else's emotional irrationality is a page 1 gaslighting 101 in internet trolling. This is not as clever a move as you seem to think it is. Many here are already familiar with your particular posting history on this subject.

If you are indeed sincere, please learn to read a room because the only thing you've done so far is foster distress by focusing on the political in a space that clearly is not for that. -Amoebic

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I am quite comfortable with my conduct in this thread.

You may be comfortable but clearly others are not. I include myself in that group. Please give some consideration to the feelings of other posters.

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OK, here we go. I don't understand why you needed to drag your anti-mask agenda into this thread. Maybe you've been chased/modded out of D&D? I don't know, I don't keep up with everything that's posted there. If that is the case then why you think it's OK here in an Everything Else thread, I have no idea. That not being the case, then please take it right back there. This is not even intended to be a thread for healthy debate let alone what I've observed from you over the last page of posts.

Hopefully everything is now very clear.


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Some stories from Australia...

Families forced to make big changes due to coronavirus

Pansy Leung and her husband Adrian Eastman both worked as cabin crew for Virgin until they were stood down in March.

Ms Leung has since been working two casual jobs: on a checkout at Woolworths and packing boxes for meal-delivery company Marley Spoon. Mr Eastman has been interviewing for jobs.

They have two children and are having to be incredibly careful with their money.

"I don't think I've been this frugal … since my teenage years," Ms Leung told 7.30.

"[We're] buying less groceries. I'd say we're buying the bare essentials.

"We cut a lot of extracurricular activities that the kids used to do. They were expensive.

"I hope it teaches my kids resilience and that we don't need that much.

"I just miss my old life," she said, wiping tears from her eyes.

"I just want my life back."

Some businesses that would have gone bust have found ways to pivot, innovate and thrive.

Tabitha and Jeremy Fleming own Stagekings, a company that builds stages and structures for events like concerts and festivals.

When a ban on public gatherings was enforced they thought their business was over. They even thought they might lose their house.

"It was really quite devastating to think that we could lose everything that we'd worked hard for," Ms Fleming said.

They had the idea to start building work-from-home furniture and it took off.

"Everything we're hearing is people want Australian-made and Australian-manufactured, and we've even had calls from a lot of other furniture designers asking for us to manufacture product for them," Mr Fleming said.

Third generation farmer Emma Germano manages her family's vegetable and livestock farm in South Gippsland, Victoria, and said her farm gate sales had spiked during coronavirus.

"I get to speak to many different farmers who grow many different things. The overwhelming sentiment at the moment is one of confidence," said Ms Germano, vice-president of the Victorian Farmers Federation.

"We're feeling like rock stars at the moment. People started to care where their food comes from."

She said agriculture had an important role to play in growing the economy, "particularly off the back of coronavirus".

"Everyone is aware change has happened rapidly and don't know what to expect or what's going to come next," she said.

"There is a sense of confidence that we are a resilient industry and a resilient bunch."


Same idea but I like the stats on this one better:


Saw this in one of those click bait stories with slides. It hit me because we had to put Crowley on a diet last week because he had gained a lot of weight since last spring. With the closed dog park and our tendency to pamper during tough times, we should have realized it.

He's always been a lazy dog, and at 27 pounds, it wasn't too much over the 25 pound goal. But he showed up 34 pounds this year. It's hard to tell because he is a cockapoo, which means he looks heavy or skinny mostly due to how long we let his coat get. And in winter we keep it long. We haven't given him a summer cut yet, and when we tried to schedule him a week ago, we weren't the only ones, so he can't get groomed until 7/11.

And putting your pup on a diet hurts, because you can tell it feels like he thinks we are mad at him or he has done something wrong. But Teresa has gotten him into blueberries for treats, and that helps a lot. But I can tell he is clearly still hungry after meals, and I just feel awful for him. He will feel better when he loses 20% or more of his body weight, though.

Our other pup, River, is also a cockapoo, but she is a metabolic monster of energy. The only challenge with her is keeping her entertained, and the closed dog park is killing her. Her #1 favorite activity is sprinting and leaping into the air to catch a bouncing ball as high up in the air as she can muster, and the back yard is lacking.

Our dogs are monsters for blueberries. They get kibble and 10 or 15 blueberries, plus about an ounce of plain yogurt, and it's done wonders for them. They get Icelandic cod skins for special treats, but not nearly every day.

We are not giving them extra treats, though, since we do have to watch their weight.

Because of working from home, my sister's cat is also blowing up in size because he prefers to hang around with her instead of running around outside.

Cats are terrible for the environment so that is a good thing when they are inside more.

Well shoot. I have a temperature of 101.1. I had gone on a jog today and felt weirdly fatigued, I only ran 4 slow miles instead instead of 5. Took a nap. Felt a little off. Took temperature, and it was fine. Eventually took another nap for an hour. After that, temperature. Feel a little muscle-achy all over. Lungs feel a little off. No sore throat.


Aw man, that does sound suggestive. Sorry man. My wife's coworkers are slowly going down too. They do home medical care.

Feel better soon.

Get tested?

LeapingGnome wrote:

Get tested?

I'm gonna contact the doctor's office tomorrow morning and just do what they tell me.

Good luck! My wife had symptoms recently and called her GP and they told her to just go to the local CVS and get tested. She did it in the drive through and results came back a couple of days later. Negative thankfully!

LeapingGnome wrote:

Good luck! My wife had symptoms recently and called her GP and they told her to just go to the local CVS and get tested. She did it in the drive through and results came back a couple of days later. Negative thankfully!


Yeah those are all symptoms of plenty of things besides covid.

Update time. Was weak and feverish until about 2am. Took a couple ibuprofen and then I was able to actually sleep 6 hours. Woke up and the weakness and fever were gone. Feeling pretty well. What the heck? Did a quick video consult with a doctor since I have insurance. As I suspected, it's kinda up to me whether or not I should go take a test since I'm planning on quarantining for a couple weeks regardless. The test needs to be done at least 2 days after you start showing symptoms, and even if it comes back negative, you kinda can't necessarily trust that.

So, no idea what this is. I had just over half the symptoms when I went through the questionnaire this morning before the video consult. I've never been sick like this before (generally just get a cold once a year or so), and I can't believe I feel so good this morning. Sucks to stay in the house for a couple weeks. Thankfully, I have Ring Fit, because I can't run outside.

Will follow up on this here in a few days. I live with someone else, and we'll see if she gets what I had and how it affects her.

You are tuff, hang in there.

Glad you are feeling better.

For me, getting the test and knowing more would help psychologically. I hope you keep feeling better! With COVID people have reported it coming in waves where they feel bad then mostly normal for a week and then bad again.

I would get the test that way you won't feel like taking any "chances" because you think you may have had it. Only takes 30 secs once you are there.

Has anyone found masks they really like? I need to buy a few more and am looking for recommendations on where to get them.

LeapingGnome wrote:

Has anyone found masks they really like? I need to buy a few more and am looking for recommendations on where to get them.

I ordered one from Etsy that’s bigger since I have a bigger face. I gave away an Animal Crossing mask I loved because it was too small.

LeapingGnome wrote:

Has anyone found masks they really like? I need to buy a few more and am looking for recommendations on where to get them.

These are kind if expensive, but we’ve liked them. Basically, while watching Top Chef, Teresa decoded she liked the aprons, so I searched out the maker. It’s Hedley and Bennett, but the aprons were too expensive, but they are selling masks she really liked.

They are $22 for one or $45 for three. It was a splurge that was worth it because I could tell she really wanted them. And it helped make her feel a lot more comfortable wearing one. They are comfortable, have a pocket for filters, and our 3 packs come with replacement filters.

They are really well made with good material.



When you choose "Buy One / Donate One," we donate one mask for every mask purchased. For every 3-pack and 20-pack purchased, 5% of sales goes toward donating more masks.

With your help, we've donated masks to those on the front lines all across the country—from healthcare workers to farmworkers. Now we've teamed up with World Central Kitchen and VANS, to make an even larger impact.

Purchase your mask and keep the good going!