Super Mega Baseball 3(!)


Check out 'Operation Sports' for recent announcement of release in April. Looks great!

Franchise mode!

Check out:

For all the details (as Mentioned,‘Franchise’ mode!)

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I’m 90% sure I will start a SuperMega Baseball 3 league after it drops May 13th. They are finally including online leagues and franchise play. Will want to see it play for real first, but it is looking like a fantastic version of the game.

I’ve been playing a ton of SMB2, and man, the gameplay really is so good.

My thought is to encourage the customization, as they have pretty cool tools for editing logos, uniforms, and players. The idea is to let everyone pick any team they want, and then base their franchise on a pop culture reference. It might be The Good Place, Batman, or Fortnight. You can even pick a director or author and choose character or elements from their works. Whatever you want, and then edit the players to represent, along with team name and such.

Anyone interested in something like that?

I’m kinda bummed now I haven’t spent more time with it. For the most part, with sports games, I prefer head 2 head play of some sort. I view the solo play modes as practice, but the real fun is competing against friends.

With online leagues, the game has reached a point that has me interested in something like we did with APF2K8 back in the day.

I really liked SMB2, so I've been looking forward to this since it was announced. In the absence of real sport this could scratch a really big itch!

Check newest video post that came out today. Wow! They will shortly give a free patch that will make it possible to do up to 32 players, cross-platform Franchise(!!). See video at Operation Sports or their Facebook page.

Here you go:

And, yeah, this looks like they are going making Pennant Race a really flexible way to play with friends online, including a league.

I’m pretty pumped for this.

Has anyone seen a price for this yet? I've seen a rumour that it will be $44.99 which seems a bit steep for an indie title (albeit one that's getting more polished with every iteration). I don't know what that would equate to in UK £'s but we usually don't fare too well from the exchange.

The game price last time was $30+ for the full experience, so I can believe it.

I will tell you that this title is deeper and more polished that it looks at first glance. It’s felt that way since the first one, and this year has seen an insane amount of new features and improvements.

Honestly, I think $45 is a deal. This is not a casual game, even though you can play it very casually, because it has one of the most flexible difficulty I’ve seen in a game. Not only can Ego get set from 0-99, but you can set each facet, hitting, pitching, defense, and speed from 0-99. I’ve been playing on 50 Ego and get super realistic results. I tried a few games on 80 Ego and just got demolished.

The customization is great, and, honestly, one of the things I’m looking forward to is setting up those custom pennant races with friends so we can all see each other’s uniforms, like the old APF2K8 league we had.

I'm probably going to be in... I'm desperate for any sports game, and I did like SMB2. If we can make time zones work I'd like to join an online pennant race too, sounds fun. So long as you can tolerate a brit who doesn't fully understand the subtleties of baseball yet

On their official forums, it says the cost will be $44.99. Not sure why they haven't put that on steam yet.

Super long FAQs:

When is Super Mega Baseball 3 coming out, on what platforms, and what will it cost? Updated 4/23/20

Super Mega Baseball 3 will launch May 13, 2020 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for $44.99 USD. While originally announced with an April 2020 release window, industry-wide changes due to COVID-19 have led to some logistical delays and a revised release date.

Will it be available in any subscription services?

There are currently no plans to include SMB3 in any subscription services.

Will there be a beta or demo and when will it be available? Updated 4/23/2020

There will be demo/trial versions on all four platforms on launch day, which will let you play an unlimited number of Pennant Race games (with team/stadium limitations), play limited Exhibition mode and dip into the customization suite. There will not be a beta version.

Can you release the demo/trial version now?

No, the demo/trial versions will not be approved for release any sooner that the full products - we'll be releasing both as soon as is reasonably possible

Will there be a physical version of the game?

No, it would be pretty cool but for now (and especially given current global circumstances) Super Mega Baseball 3 will be a digital-only title.

Will there be preorders for SMB3? *Added 4/27/2020 No, there will be no preorders for SMB3.

Does SMB3 have in-game purchases or DLC?

There are no in-game purchases and we don’t currently have plans for any DLC. But we will continue to support and update the game for some time post-launch!

Will SMB3 run on Windows 7 or 8? Added 5/2/2020

We aim for broader compatibility where possible, within reason. While SMB3 may still run on Windows 7 or 8 in some cases, we cannot provide support for pre-Windows 10 set-ups.

Is SMB3 cross-platform?

Yes, Pennant Race mode is cross-platform across all platforms, but arranged matches in all other modes are not. We do know that arranged cross-platform matches are highly requested, and we’ll consider it for post-launch updates – we cannot make any promises right now.

Will there be an online Season mode?

Maybe not in the sense you’re imagining. You’ll be able to play or simulate any combo of games/teams in customized Seasons and Elimination modes, and you can do this in an arranged party online with one user being the league owner. The type of organized online Season mode that you’re probably thinking of (with each participant controlling one team) is highly requested, though, and we’ll factor that into our decisions about post-launch updates. As usual, no promises!

Can Franchise mode be played online?

Franchise mode is played with one human-controlled team against the CPU, and can be played solo or with local/online co-op.

Will there be a salary cap in Franchise mode?

Yes, you will have to keep your team’s payroll under a cap. You’ll have to carefully balance the amount you’re spending on player salaries versus the amount you’re investing in Player Development.

Will there be an All-Star game in Franchise or Season mode?

We won’t have this at launch, but it’s something we may consider in future updates.

Will players’ skills fluctuate throughout their career?

Yes! Through Player Development and aging, players’ skills and traits will change over the course of their careers. You’ll see your younger players naturally improving as they gain experience and move toward their peak physical condition, whereas your older veteran players are going to lose a step or two compared to their younger counterparts over time.

Does Franchise mode have trades?

Maybe not in the traditional sense that you’re imagining, but players can and will move between teams during the season and offseason through the sign/release system.

Will there be any opportunities to improve player’s statistics and traits in Franchise mode?

For sure! Player Development allows players to hone their skills, combat the effects of aging and can also provide an opportunity to gain or lose a situational trait. Player Development opportunities will show up for individual players over time. Development opportunities will vary in cost and in the affects they’ll have on your players skills or traits.

Are players on one-year contracts? Updated 4/23/2020

In the sense that players are only guaranteed to play for a team at a locked-in salary for 1 season, yes. Though typically, only a small number of your players will resign/increase their salary expectations from season-to-season, so you'll see reasonable roster turnover over time. More traditional multi-year contracts are something we've considered, and will consider after launch with an eye on community feedback.

Will players age physically over time? Updated 4/23/2020

Yes! Players can get grey and gain weight as the age, appearing after a certain amount of time has passed.

Can you tell us more about Franchise mode?

Our second reveal video covers everything we want to share about Franchise mode until the game launches! Check it out here.

Will custom multiplayer leagues be available? Added 4/27/2020

Custom multiplayer leagues are doable, but limited, and best suited for offline play. If you are playing online, there are a few important things to note:

When playing online, the season owner must participate (i.e. no online spectating)

Players must be playing on the same platform

The season schedule is linear, just like it was in SMB2. Games must be played in order according to the schedule.

Is there a knuckleball or any other new types of pitches? Updated 4/23/2020

No, the pitch types have not changed from SMB2 - but there are some changes to pitching mechanics which were discussed in our third reveal video.

Will SMB3 have fully customizable Elimination brackets?

You will be able to set up Elimination brackets with teams seeded as you desire. There will be some limits to the format of the bracket, though.

Will SMB3 have a batting practice mode?

Practice modes did not make the cut for SMB3, but we’ll consider changes that make practicing your skills easier for future updates.

Will SMB3 have a home run derby mode?

Not at launch. This is another request we’ve seen quite a bit, so it’ll be up for consideration to implement in a future update. No promises though!

Will SMB3 have instant replays?

Instant replays did not make the cut for SMB3, but we are aware there is interest in this going forward.

Is the Ego difficulty system still around?

It sure is! Some new mechanics will take some getting used to and the higher end of Ego difficulties may be a bit harder than you remember, though, so we’d recommend starting on a lower Ego than you were playing SMB2 at.

Did you add a fielder switching mechanic? Updated 04/23/2020

Yes! We touched on this in our third reveal video.

Are there pickoffs?

There sure are! There are new pickoff and stealing mechanics as well as other additions to round out the baseball sim like wild pitches/passed balls and situational player traits.

Can we have a Designated Hitter? Updated 4/24/2020

Yes! DHs made it into SMB3, but of course you’ll have the option of whether or not you want to play with them. In Exhibition mode, DH is an option to choose during set-up. In Pennant Race, teams inherit the DH rule from the standard Super Mega League - teams in the Super Conference use the DH rule and teams in the Mega Conference do not use the DH rule. In Pennant/Season/Elimination/Franchise, the rule used by the home team's conference determines whether or not the DH rule is in effect.

Can we import custom rosters from SMB2 to SMB3?

Yes! But not at launch. This will come in a free post-launch update.

Will there be a roster vault?

No. It’s something we’ll continue to consider going forward, but it’s a complicated issue.

Will all of the stadiums from SMB2 be featured in SMB3?

Yes! All 10 of the stadiums from SMB2 are returning (which includes SMB2’s DLC stadiums), along with 4 brand new parks.

Can games be played in both day and night conditions?

Yes! All 14 ballparks feature unique day, night and alternate lighting conditions.

Have you added more head types?

Yes! We’ve added new male and female heads to give more variety to your teams.

Are there any new teams in SMB3? Updated 5/2/2020

Yep! There are four new teams! The Hot Corners, The Jacks, The Heaters, and The Sand Cats!

Do players have the same skill categories as SMB2 (eg. Power, Contact, etc.)?

The familiar skill categories will return, but players may now also have up to two situational player traits that make them perform better (or worse) in certain situations.

Are roster sizes still 21 and is my pitching staff still made up of 4 starters and 4 relievers? Updated 4/23/2020

Roster sizes remain at 21, however we've made pitching roles more flexible and some pitchers may now act as starters or long relievers. This is explained in more detail in our third reveal video.

Post-Launch Updates:
What will the SMB2 Team Import tool do and when will it be available? Added 5/2/2020

The SMB2 Team Import tool will import your custom teams and leagues from SMB2 to SMB3. It’ll be released as a free update sometime soon after launch!

Can I import my SMB2 teams on Steam to SMB3 on my PlayStation 4? What about between different user accounts on the same platform? Added 5/2/2020

No, you can only import SMB2 teams that were created by the same user account (and on the same platform) that you're playing SMB3 with.

Do you have anything else planned for post-launch? Added 5/2/2020

Yes, we do! We're working on some feedback-driven improvements, including a major online gameplay feature that will be announced before May 13th

Since custom pennant races will be post launch, we have time to play the game and have a good idea how to customize an online pennant race to best match-up with our needs and preferences. They will have an export tool soon after launch, too, so if you have teams, logos, and uniforms you want to use in 3, you will be able to.

I have a St. Louis Phog team built. Right now I’m using The Moose’s roster with no editing. I plan on changing names and appearances of players soon. I’ll probably try to recreate some KU basketball guys and whoever else might be fun to use, including local sports talk guys. Just to give the team more identity. Would be fun to see everybody come up with stuff for their teams, too.

Won’t change ratings. I’d rather play based on the roster balance the devs have provided. But that is something we can customize, too, if people want.

Man, I hope this game plays and feels as good as the last two. This is a moment I dread in sports games, when they add stuff you really like, but fumble some basic stuff, at least for you personally, that ruins the experience.

I had that with the Tiger Woods series when they added the Masters, but dropped TrueAim, which was the only mode I liked using. Game might have been fine for many, especially the large amount of new players, but I could never really enjoy it again.

No reason to believe these guys don’t have the game dialed in, though. They seem to have a really thorough approach to their game, and the game always seems to match their vision very accurately.

Super Mega Baseball 3 Review: Metalhead Keeps Cranking Out Line Drives

I could go on forever about how good Super Mega Baseball 3 feels responds on the field, but the new additions and refined gameplay help blur the lines between sim and arcade. Simply put, you should already feel confident in the gameplay here going into it, and the developers have done nothing to shake that confidence.
As I mentioned previously, there are some features missing like a replay system and stadium creator, but Super Mega Baseball 3 hits a home run in about every other way. The game blends old school with innovation in a seamless fashion and is accessible to the masses. SMB 3 offers an amazingly good time for those looking for longevity or a simple quick game of baseball that can walk the line between arcade and simulation.

Whether you are a baseball fan or not, Super Mega Baseball 3 offers enough depth and fun for newcomers and veterans, which makes it a must-buy for both groups. The accessibility factor is through the roof in terms of difficulty and customization options for all skill levels, and I have no doubt that SMB 3 will be a strong addition to your rotation of games for months on end.

And if you want to watch the game in action, this guy has a 12-hour stream up of the game recorded from earlier. Just started watching it, and it's pretty interesting. He is a really big fan of the series, and I think some of you will like his first impressions, as he gets into which players have moved around, and fun takes on favorite players and such.

It feels like a good intro to the game so far, especially if you are newer to the series.

Just over three hours to go. I was hoping for an early release, but it seems like it is going to be at Midnight Eastern. Not even a pre-load available.

Chris Mills is streaming SMB3 right now. He's a good sports game streamer from OS.

It's not available yet where I am, do you guys see it? I read on their twitter feed it would be 9am Pacific, which means 5pm for me

I read 12pm EST.

I watched some of that Brutus Force 12 hour twitch video. Game looks great. Pitching is subtly different, and a little more difficult, so I will need to lower the ego from where I had it on SMB2 (not to mention being very rusty). Looking forward to getting an hour or so in tonight.

kergguz wrote:

It's not available yet where I am, do you guys see it? I read on their twitter feed it would be 9am Pacific, which means 5pm for me :(

Yeah, I assumed it was supposed to be midnight, too. That sucked.

Just 100 more minutes, though!

I just bought it on the Switch.

I played a couple of quick exhibition matches and my pitches are very wild.

Power pitching is much, much harder so far. But I am doing well with standard pitching.

Played on exhibition, but lost 3-0. Played one online Pennant Race and I got smoked by the mercy rule.

Fielding is tougher, and bad fielders seem to be a bigger liability.

They changed base running, and it is messing me up. It seems very similar to the 2K model, which I really liked. I just need to lose the old muscle memory from SMB2.

Hitting still feels great.

It feels like a great of an update as folks have been saying.

I've now had three crashes in less than an hour of play. Yikes.

Do people use controller or mouse and keyboard for this? I've started out on keyboard as I assumed it would be easier for hitting but the other aspects like fielding and baserunning are a pain in the butt on keyboard.

All controller here.

I started my franchise as the Jacks and had a good back and forth in my first game. Took a 5-4 lead into the ninth, which became 5-5 when my pitcher panicked and lost control (because of his personality trait) and ended up walking in a run.

Brought in my ace closer to try to get us to extra innings and he knocked down two batsmen... then fired a slider into the dirt that got past the catcher and the winning run strolled home for the bad guys.

Hell of way to lose my first game.

Some people going to an impressive amount of detail.... Riverrun Fishers.

Also, they already released a hotfix for the crash I was experiencing. The dev responded directly to me on reddit. Pretty cool.

Clueless brit question time... what's a designated hitter?

Have really been enjoying this, but unsure where to set my Ego level. I had a series of 4 games in franchise mode that were all games with a difference of 2 or 3 runs, and then I won my next one 33-0. Not sure if hitting just finally "clicked" for me, and now I need to tune, or if it was just a fluke

kergguz wrote:

Clueless brit question time... what's a designated hitter?

Major League Baseball has 2 "leagues" the American League which uses the Designated Hitter, and the National League which does not.

In the National League, the pitchers must take a turn at bat. Since they generally only play in 1 in every 4 or so games, they aren't as good of batters as the rest of the positional players. In the American league, a Designated Hitter is used who does not play a position on the field, but instead gets to bat for the pitcher. The theory is it is someone who specializes in hitting, and can generate more offense.

It's an endless series of debates among baseball fans which is better, but generally it comes down to, are you a fan of a team in the American League, then you are probably a fan of the Designated Hitter. If you are a fan of a team in the National League, you think not having a Designate Hitter is the "pure" form of baseball

When teams from the 2 leagues play each other, they follow the rules of the home team regarding if the game has a Designated Hitter or not

I see, thanks for the explanation. Regarding your ego quandary, in SMB2 I had a similar experience and kept nudging ego up until I got a balanced game. Inevitably I would soon get big wins again, and so raise it again. I only played that one for about 20 hours so never truly found out where my skill ceiling was (I think I stopped playing when I was about ego 60). So far, after a few short exhibition matches, 40 feels about right in SMB3.

The pros and cons of a DH basically boil down to:


-It creates a higher paying job slot for the union since it is a full-time position.
-It creates more offense and everybody knows chicks dig the long ball.
-The DH would be a player that is not only better at hitting, but also base-running as teams don't like their pitchers risking injury.
-Would enable more strategy around the #8 hitter in the lineup not getting intentionally walked and pitched around to face the pitcher batting #9, not always knowing the pitcher is going to just bunt if a runner is on, etc.


-Removes in-game tactical decisions regarding when/if to remove the pitcher for a pinch hitter. If the pitcher is performing well, you would want to keep him in the game, but if he comes to bat in a tie game with a runner on base, you would want a better hitter up to score the run.
-Purists think all players should play both sides of the field, offense and defense, and don't like specialists.

Really, it's an inevitability that the DH will come to the National League at some point, mainly because of the money aspects of increase in pay for another player and the big-time money starting pitchers get with them not wanting to get injured hitting/running. The proposal being discussed right now for the 2020 season in relation to COVID has already proposed adding the DH for this year.