Coronavirus Tales

That's positive!

My 14 month old is scheduled for her first vaccine dose tomorrow morning. That's one worry lessened.

Under 5s got approved! We'll be scheduling our 2 soon.

Yep back to back appointments for the kiddos tomorrow.

I have a feeling it's going to be really easy to get the under 5s vaccinated quickly without appointments.

They seem to be only doing appointments, want them at pediatric offices. Can't just drop in to Walgreens with the littles.

Ah might just be the Costco in our area taking drop ins. I just assumed demand was going to be extremely low.

Yeah some of the surveys had parents that will immediately get down around 20%.

But I guess that means 80% of people are sh*tty parents.

I know some folks are waiting on the Moderna because that 6mo-5y vaccine is fewer doses. We went ahead with the Pfizer because A) that's what my wife got and my daughter was in utero for the first jab and B) the Moderna vaccine is scheduled to be available right around the time my daughter's hip cast comes off and we don't want to deal with both events at the same time.

Anyway, that's only a few weeks out but if I was going that route I might interpret that as later than "immediately" when filling out a survey. But there's no way that accounts for enough of the "no"s to make me feel good about the survey.

Personally I'm going with Moderna for my 4 year old. Especially after the rollercoaster the Pfizer vaccine went through. The Moderna vaccine is fewer doses but they're bigger doses. Moderna's are two 25 microgram doses (50 micrograms total). Pfizer's are three 10 microgram doses (30 micrograms total). Pfizer's vaccine provided almost no protection until the third shot, which isn't until 11 weeks after the first shot, and it's efficacy data was very preliminary and had very wide confidence intervals . It was enough to get it approved by the FDA's advisors, but they did have concerns about it.

We had choice and went with Moderna just for the faster full protection, Aug vs Sept

Well we weren't the first in line, but we were there to applaud for the child who was.

It was an obviously biased sample, but it was nice feeling to be out in public around a bunch of strangers and have everyone be masked. I hadn't realized just how much stress I was feeling about the general lack of them...