Wrasslin Catch-All Thread!

I realized that we are missing a thread for everyone's favorite piece of "Sports Entertainment," professional wrestling.

So, i'm not a full-blown fan, I'm a lapsed fan who was brought back to casual fan status by The New Day two or three years ago, and found himself enamored with parts of wrestling again. Like Kofi Kingston's wonderful Wrestlemania run last year, or the always-borderline-uncomfortable stiffness of NJPW, and the needed introduction of AEW.

Speaking of, AEW Revolution was this evening, and my goodness it was a wonderful antidote to what happened at the WWE's bi-annual Saudi blood money exhibition (or really, what the WWE's been doing in general on the main brands, NXT is usually a lot of well-made fun). I personally am enamored with Orange Cassidy and how spectacularly over he is, along with enjoying that AEW understands that there's room for wrestling to tell emotion-driven, engaging stories as much as there is room for silliness and farce.

Anyway, i'm just glad there's more wrestling to be found out there now, outside of the WWE monopoly. If anything, seeing the amazing variety of stuff you can find now, from the monumentally silly to the sublime has brought me back into the fold, at least from a distance.

Also, rather than purchasing the execrable WWE 2K20, may I recommend giving Fire Pro Wrestling a shot? It is absolutely one of those wonderful games with insanely hidden depth.

Waiting for the announcement that they will cancel Wrestlemania or at least do it in an empty arena.

I didn't know there was a thread but I am way back IN to wrestling because of AEW. I was suggested highlights of double or nothing on youtube and clicked because I was curious what the new guys on the wrestling block had to offer. I loved it. Really spot-heavy which is one of their biggest complaints but I loathed WWE for the extreme amount of time spent talking instead of wrestling. Still do. So far AEW has had some bumps along the way but for the most part they're able to tell stories in short promo packages and interviews and then let that story play out in the ring during a match and I love it for that. I was a big WCW fan when I was younger and it makes me feel like I did when I watched in the 94-99 years.

I try to watch NXT, AEW Dynamite and AEW Dark every week but I've fallen a bit on NXT. That last Takeover was pretty incredible though.

NXT is the WWE's best product, IMHO. Although Friday's "No audience due to Coronavirus" episode of Smackdown is a heckuva weird watch:

Currently, Tampa and Vince are playing the world's dumbest game of chicken over Wrestlemania, so we'll see how that ends.

The 'no-audience' episode of AEW Dynamite was far better than the WWE shows. I'm biased, but it was nice to get actual wrestling with some sort of crowd. Using the other wrestlers as the crowd was a great idea.

Sammy Guevara singing Chris Jericho's theme had me cackling.

Meanwhile, sounds like we might get a pre-taped Wrestlemania?

So, we did get that pre-taped Wrestlemania. And while there's been a lot of praise for the Boneyard match between AJ Stylez and The Undertaker (also the 3-way ladder match), I don't even have the WWE Network and from everything I heard and clips I saw, the Firefly Funhouse match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena was AMAZING.

They let Bray and John go out there and get creative and weird as sh*t, and it was fantastic. Perhaps they'll learn a lesson from this.


CM Punk and Daniel Bryan heading to AEW?