Looking for mouse recommendations

Don't overlook the Model O Wireless.

It's $80 and competes very well with all the $100+ mice from Logitech and Razer.

For larger mice I'm still happy with my MX Master... 2nd gen, I think? I've never had trouble with it gaming, it's big but with adjustments to mouse sensitivity it's not like you have to pick it up and put it down a lot. But maybe I'm just not the FPS player I once was (I mostly stick to single-player games on PC these days.)

I never use any of the extraneous buttons, and you can even disable them via the software.

I've tried a few different "travel" mice, and they're just too small to use comfortably even on the go for me.

Instead I just use a Logitech Triathlon 720 as my travel mouse now. It's full-size but more compact than a beast like the MX Master. And bonus, it runs on AA batteries. Something that I find to be a very useful option when traveling. It lasts a long time, but being able to pop in a single AA at a moment's notice is great. To be clear, they're rated to last like 2 years on a single AA, so even if you take marketing into account and use it constantly you're not gonna be swapping the battery a lot, but I find having a fallback to be a nice feature.

My travel bag includes a few things that run on AA/AAA batteries, like my headlamp (comes in handy constantly), so I have some Eneloops and a charger (modern battery rechargers can mix and match sizes since each battery slot is independent.) But even if you wanted to keep your kit as streamlined as possible having a single spare AA doesn't involve a lot of space.

The 720 is also affordable/cheap but doesn't feel cheap like the type of mouse you'd get bundled with something, IMO. When my MX Master has died because I've neglected to charge it I still swap in the 720 and don't feel like it really hampers my experience, even if overall I prefer the MX Master. But I might have less nuanced/refined tastes than some of the reccs here!

This is a mousepad question.

As the left-handed mouse market has essentially been merged into the "ambidextrous (but really not)" category, the only mouse with more than 4 buttons that I can use comfortably is the Logitech G300s. And it works well enough, but the sensor doesn't like my mouse pad. When I move slowly the pointer jitters, making fine motion difficult. Conversely the Razer Viper I tried tracks just fine on it, but started cramping my hand almost immediately. When I use the G300s on top of other surfaces, like a notepad, however, it moves much more smoothly.

So, what's a great mousepad that tracks smoothly with a less than stellar sensor?

What type of mousepad are you using currently?

I've gone from a Logitech G403 to a G Pro on my cheap Steelseries Qck mousepad and never had that type of issue.

Pink Stripes wrote:

What type of mousepad are you using currently?

I've gone from a Logitech G403 to a G Pro on my cheap Steelseries Qck mousepad and never had that type of issue.

Some no name one:
Anpollo Gaming Mouse Pad Large XXL (35.4×15.75×0.12in) Thick Extended Mouse Mat Non-Slip Spill-Resistant Desk Pad with Special-Textured Surface, Anti-Fray Stitched Edges for Keyboard, PC - Black

I use a Fiskars cutting mat as a mouse pad. It works very well. I think mine was an 11x17 mat that I cut in half.

Chairman_Mao wrote:

So, what's a great mousepad that tracks smoothly with a less than stellar sensor?

I know this isn't necessarily the question you asked, but... how old is your G300S? Logitech refreshed it at some point and updated the sensor. If you've had it for a few years there's a chance you can just re-buy the mouse and get better tracking out of it.

I ask because good mousepads are, generally, actually more than the cost of a new G300S.

For example, my soft mousepad of choice is the HyperX Fury S, but it's $30.

A new G300S is currently $21.99.

If you've bought your G300S in the last couple years it's probably already the updated one, but there is a way to tell. The obvious sign is if the G logo on the mouse body has rounded corners, or if it's the newer updated G logo with the sharp edges and corners. If you have the rounded logo, it's before the mouse was refreshed and things like tracking speed are notably worse than they are with the current version.

Given that neither solution is guaranteed to fix your issue, I'd probably try the cheaper one first if you definitely have the older revision of the mouse.

If you already have the newer version of the mouse, you have my soft pad recommend. I traveled with a medium version of that HyperX pad in my backpack when I was doing consulting work in airports all the time. It worked fine with every mouse I put on it. I ended up liking it enough to buy the extra large version to use on my second PC at home.

Thanks all! Thin_J I preemptively followed your advice and bought a new one last week didn't even know the mouse had been updated, nevertheless the new one exhibits the same issue. I ordered the steel series pad that Pink suggested but will return it and try yours if that doesn't work. And I probably don't even need the xl size... I often move my keyboard out of the way to write on paper and the pad just makes that harder to do, so that keeps the cost down for me.

Edit: Well the Steelcase mouse pad didn't solve my issue. Size medium HyperX on the way. I am starting to wonder if this mouse just doesn't like woven textures, though.

I'm curious if the HyperX pad works out or not, for what it's worth. No idea how it compares with the other one you tried, but I know at least one other person who likes ambi mice so knowing if the G300S even could work for him might be useful info.

Lemme know how it turns out.

Arriving Thursday, will do! I'll add a video of the jittery behavior it exhibits at some point, too.

No luck with the HyperX either--this mouse just doesn't seem to like woven pads. Here's a video I made showing movement on the woven pad vs. the smooth cover of a paperback book:

my hand movement isn't totally smooth, but it should be clear where it seems to "jump" in a couple of spots.

The cloth pad does look a little bit worse, but honestly tracking looks rough on both of them?

I might be spoiled though.

What is it about the G300S shape you like? Trying to look for rough equivalents a little.

Thin_J wrote:

The cloth pad does look a little bit worse, but honestly tracking looks rough on both of them?

I might be spoiled though.

What is it about the G300S shape you like? Trying to look for rough equivalents a little.

I'm probably not pushing it as smoothly as I could be and my screen cap software only does 30fps. I mostly notice the issue when I'm trying to drag a window size with pixel perfect accuracy so it's more a work issue than a gaming one.

I like it mostly because the size is good for my hand, in that I can use it for extended periods of time with minimal strain. I tried the Razer Viper, for example, which is a bit larger and I guess requires me to use a palm grip. Now I did used to use the lefty DeathAdder and that was a totally fine palm gripper, but the Viper is also a bit slick, textured plastic VS rubberized on the DA, I think? Which made me feel like I needed to grip it harder than I probably had to, and my wrist really wasn't having it.

Having the extra buttons on top rather than the sides of the mouse feels easier to reach on the ring finger side, but on the thumb side I would do just fine with them in the thumb position as well. I could do with just two extra buttons thumb side though, if the grip was comfortable.

I also like having the CPI/DPI switcher button.

That all said, I just saw the RTINGS review of the EVGA X12, and am very tempted to try it out.

Edit: I looked up hard mouse pads and Logitech makes one they claim is specifically designed for their sensors. Arrives tomorrow!

I guess Logitech designed that mousepad for their other sensors, cuz it sure didn't improve things for the G300s. Sigh. All I can think of is to try an aluminum pad, but yuck.

Edit: Hey look a pad that actually works with this mouse! It's ugly and slicker than fabric, but it works.

Bummer man. I'm really not sure where to tell you to look. I churn through mice hoping to find that one that works best for my hands, but I've never used anything with a shape anything like the G300.

If you get desperate enough to spend the money, glass pads have made a comeback and I've been very happy with my Skypad 3.0.

Super smooth, easy to clean, etc etc. Expensive though. But if it saves me from having to replace a polymer pad a couple times a year when they they wear down and develop slow spots I'm calling it a win.

Thought my MX Master (turns out I have an original MX Master, not the MX Master 2) had finally kicked the bucket after 5+ years.

It seemed like the sensor finally broke, but it was the thumb rest:


(Not the same model as mine, but the issue was the same).

Opened it up, loosed the thumb button, boom. Back to normal. Replaced the battery while I'm at it.

I have to say, if I get another 5 years out of this at the cost of $20 for a new battery and skates, that solidifies the MX Master series as a pretty solid recommendation from me even with quirks like the thumb button.

(Although if anyone is interested in that G300s recommended further up, it's now $15 on Amazon.)

Have any of you tried going from a mouse with Logitech's free wheel feature to something... that doesn't have that?

I didn't realize how used to that I've gotten. Maybe I'd adjust eventually but right now notched scroll wheels feel functionally worse and the sound is annoying.