F1 2020 Season Spoiler Filled Race Talk

Yeah, dark irony aside, I’ll definitely be rooting for him to finally take one home.


That was an interesting ending.

No kidding!

Next week we do it all again in what's predicted to be warmer temps... and with softer tyres. They used the 1-2-3 compounds this week. Next week it's 2-3-4.

It's possible Pirelli just change the available compounds or call for a higher minimum PSI, but I'd be happy to see a race where two stopping is potentially the fastest option.

I vote for a race with all flat tires.

That was the best race I've ever seen.

Granted, it was the fourth race I've watched but still. Wow.

Bring on the softer compounds and force two-stop strategies. We don't have nearly enough races that force two stops these days, and it's an easy way to add a joker to the mix for excitement.

Great race. Shame in hindsight that they pitted Max.

Well, I guess you can copy a little bit too well.

It's not even the copying, it's the when. If they had put the rear brake ducts on the car even for just one practice session in 2019 they would have been legal now. It's a bizarre ruling really and I expect this one to run and run. We may not know how many points RP got in the 2020 season for a long time after it finishes.

I was joking elsewhere that Hulk will run tomorrow and celebrate his first ever career podium and then six months after the season ends the CAS will disqualify Racing Point and he'll lose it again.


And Chain Bear chips in.