F1 2020 Season Spoiler Filled Race Talk


Pour one out for Albon and advise any young drivers you know to avoid the Red Bull Junior program, but especially for the short term it was absolutely the right choice. A driver as good as Perez shouldn't be sitting out of the sport, and next year could be a VERY exciting race at the front of the grid.


Also announced this morning, Toto Wolff has signed on for three more years as team principal at Mercedes. Hamilton's contract still hasn't been announced, but to me that makes at least one more year a lock, with three seeming likely. After all, the rumor was that part of why his contract has taken so long (other than the officially presented reason that he'd didn't want to be distracted by it during the season) was that he was looking for several things -- the obvious being more commitments from Mercedes with regard to the causes that are most important to him (diversity and sustainability), but also a larger salary for this year and next to balance out the effects of a potential salary cap that might start in 2023.

Stuart continues to absolutely kill it.

Yeah, for sure. Watched the first 15 minutes or so, and then realized I should wait and watch it with my wife when she's home from work.

He's an absolutely treasure.

zeroKFE wrote:

Yeah, for sure. Watched the first 15 minutes or so, and then realized I should wait and watch it with my wife when she's home from work.

He's an absolutely treasure.

He does something that I think people really underestimate how hard and how valuable it is.

He takes complicated concepts, and makes them understandable for newbies like me, without stripping them of their nuance and detail.

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Sky Sports commentators discussing that sh*tbag Mazepin.

Glad that at the very least people are talking the talk. Sadly, I have about zero expectation that Haas will walk the walk. He doesn't need a stern talking to from Gunther Steiner, he needs to be f*cking drummed out of the sport.


Surprising nobody, disappointing everyone who doesn't have the last name Mazepin.

Testing isn’t until March this year, right?

So assuming he had the normal response for a person his age, Lando should be fine. And won’t miss car time.

Is it March? I know it's more and more likely that Australia isn't happening in March, but testing and R1 being in the same month seems real tight. All of last year was a scramble, though, so maybe it can happen.

I think testing is usually late February, but this year it will be the first week of March (the 2nd through the 4th, in Bahrain I believe), with the Australian Grand Prix starting the season the weekend of the 21st.

Here's the current (tentative) schedule of races, although it does not include the testing dates.

And it looks like China is probably out. Which could give us another race at Portimao.


Hell yes.

Even if a few other races maybe have proved more exciting in the end, that track was SPECTACULAR and I can't wait to see a race where the drivers aren't fighting a recently resurfaced tarmac.

(As for Imola, I'd rather see Mugello again instead if we're going to Italy multiple times, but I totally understand the various reasons why it wouldn't be the choice between those two.)

Shockingly, Lewis finally has been confirmed as a driver for the 2021 season, and with that we've got the final lineup.

As such, I figured we might as well get a new thread started for the new year: