Animal Crossing: New Horizons

First recipe each new astrological sign is the special one for that month. After that it's random.

Nike gear in game, custom creations.

Creator ID: MA-5774-9927-1462

I'm doing the bug-off if anyone wants to join me and combine points.

Bug Off guide. With pictures of the items you can get as rewards.

And RJ is right, best to play with friends to rack up points.

I'm not going to be able to do the Bug Off thing until later tonight, too many things going on today.

I really fell off AC for the past several weeks. I can easily blame Zelda for sucking up all my play time but I think the simple truth is that I started to have a lot less fun with AC when I hit the 1600 storage max. The collecting was my favorite part and now I either have to ditch a bunch knowing that I’ll hit the max again later or find a new focus. Turned out, my focus went to Zelda. But I do miss the daily rounds of AC. I would love a 10mill bell TARDIS storage upgrade.

Anyone bugging off? I'll be running around with my net for the next little while so you can drop on by or we can head to your place if you prefer.

I’m doing the bug off right now. I’ll see if your gates are open

It's funny how I was enjoying the game, and then my interest disappeared almost overnight. I was enjoying collecting the bugs, working towards unlocking terraforming, upgrading the house, but now... I don't know. I have all the money I will likely need in the game, and yet, it sits dormant in my Nook account...

After maybe 120 hours, I guess it's time to let go. Or just log in once in a while to collect the money trees and stuff.

stupidhaiku wrote:

Anyone bugging off? I'll be running around with my net for the next little while so you can drop on by or we can head to your place if you prefer.

I can host for a bit. Opening gates to friends soon.

Edit: Closed. Got the 300 points for the gold trophy with all the help. My poor flowers though..

Anyone cash in on a spare butterfly backpack? I’ve not been able to get a 2nd for my daughter yet and it’s the only thing she wanted. So many spider webs and door frames though ...

Never mind. Finally did 2 more runs and got 2 of them in a row. Lol

I'm still loving every moment I'm in the game, though it has to compete with other games I'm also playing and other things so I'm not necessarily in-game for super-long periods of time.

Played with bugs and got my 300 points! It seemed to go really fast and was a lot more fun than the fishing tournament even though they were basically the same. I noticed that the only times my net broke was after the buzzer, so I'm thinking maybe Nintendo changed things so that tools wouldn't break when the timer is running. (Will find out for sure in the July fishing tournament!)

Had a bunch of other things to do today, so I just did some stuff, spent 3 minutes chasing bugs, did more stuff, spent 3 minutes chasing bugs, etc. Worked out well!

I'll admit that with a lot of the people here dropping off, it makes it riskier to buy Turnips.

I'm playing every day still and just plodding along. I look forward to switching it on for the day and just having my coffee and checking which flowers grew over night. Still haven't got purple windflowers yet. Got blue roses, purple hyacinths, purple daisies, but no purple wind flowers!

Haven't even started with the mums yet...

Kinda at a point where I'm not sure what to do with my Island though. I feel like I want to change up the nooks cranny area but not sure how just yet.

I just bought 100 turnips today then realized I haven't seen a lot of turnip price activity lately and am wondering if I just wasted some cash. Not too big of a deal, since I have over 10 mil, but I got used to the idea of there easily being someone with an over 500 spike to sell to.

I like the game as a nice distraction during work, but I find myself struggling to find the desire to load it on weekends. A little of that is due to its disrespect of my time. Want to sell something to the Nooklings? Better be ready to speed through a couple dialogue boxes (but speeding through isn't quick at all honestly). Want Blathers to identify those fossils? Better wade through 7 screens of dialogue for that. Want to check the Nook Shopping Catalogue? This machine was made in the 90s with lots of slow text screens!

I am slowly working on getting all the different flowers and trying to decide how I want to decorate my island. I want to get to 5*, but am kind of at a loss on what I want to add. I really like the natural beauty and untamed wild feel, but the game wants you to turn your island into a tourist trap for that rating. Also, my native flowers are out of control. I have too many roses and pansies at this point and the idea of digging them up is a monumental task.

I didn't get on until later in the evening today due to travel and church stuff, but when I did make it into the game I was delighted to find that Wisp was visiting my island!

I really need to clean up my native flowers too. They are out of control on some parts of my island and it seems to rain at least once every day so there are always new ones growing.

Rizzo sent me a fake Mothering Statue in the mail today. Seems like Redd ripped him off.

I will definitely be using it somewhere on my island.

Dang, I just remembered that my daughter mentioned that Isabelle announced a meteor shower tonight. I'm opening my gates as soon as it loads for anyone still around. It'll be open maybe an hour. Dodo code incoming: CLOSED.

Native flowers crazy here too. It was so bad I lost some fruit a couple times this week when it fell and couldn't bounce. Lost a package from a balloon too and that was the last straw. I've had 5 stars a while so can afford to cut back anyway. I placed a trash bin nearby and just dug and dumped some flowers. They're not worth enough for the hassle to sell at Nook's.

As for Malkroth and the natural look comment. There are a ton of decorations that you can use to still do that. My wife and I have a rock area with 5 or 6 different crafted stone formations. I have a dozen sand castles scattered on my beaches. I crafted 8 or 10 music shells and have those around the island too. I put some extra lighthouses around the island where those rock outcroppings are. They're out of the way, not even accessible without ladders.

Bee hive and telescope in my back yard. A few beach chairs scattered by the palm trees on the beach. Some benches or park stuff, like the Nook points playground things aren't too intrusive. I think you can keep things natural with the right items.

I am about to give up on my rock garden.

I have four rocks in their proper spots and a fifth that I can get to regularly spawn right in front of my house on a test plot, or anywhere I want really.

Maybe I have a sneaky rock somewhere, maybe I should move the garden elsewhere, but I've been worn down.

I can't stand the mannequins anymore, and I think they know...

If I hadn't lost my sanity before, I certainly did when I set up my rock garden. It's what got me to finally time travel..

In other news, I finally got the 5 star island naturally. I had it briefly when I had mannequins set up for the rock garden but that doesn't count. And I thought I had found my seed in the MeteoNook app but this morning it looks like rain clouds instead of rain like the app is suggesting so I don't know..

Forlorn Hope wrote:

And I thought I had found my seed in the MeteoNook app but this morning it looks like rain clouds instead of rain like the app is suggesting so I don't know..

I had one of those. But apparently rain can be rain any time during the hour. So you might be ok still.

Have you checked one of the clear nights with meteors? When the weather app predicts a shooting star down to the second you can be pretty confident you are on the right seed.

Supposedly, there will be a light shower tomorrow if that seed is correct so I plan on checking then. I hope it is so I don't have to boot up the switch every evening to see if celeste is there or if there are any shooting stars. Very useful thing to know.

Made about a 1/3 profit on my turnips. I payed off some mortgage and spent the rest on more turnips. The cycle continues.

Yep that's been great. I like to play around noon in game time to chart morning/afternoon turnip price and get whatever daily visitor. And if that night isn't clear I don't usually play again at dark.

Plus once Celeste visits during a week she won't be there for the other clear nights you have. So you can skip those too, unless you really need star bits. I think for those purposes the week starts Sunday?

Edit, no it's Monday-Sunday for visitor cycle.

Rock #5 got pretty close today.
(yeah, I haven't given up. Yet...)


If anyone bought turnips, right now I have a 90.8% chance for a large spike Thursday afternoon, so here's hoping I can help anyone out that hasn't sold yet and needs to.

I am going to call myself lucky and stop the madness here.

This is close enough for now:


"Tear down the mannequins!"

Redd is on my island. He has a fake serene painting, fake scary painting, real common painting and real glowing painting (bought). Dodo code - 7CYPQ

I'm having a hard time narrowing down my seed for the MeteoNook app, I'll find one that I think works but then the next day find something that contradicts. Yesterday I tried setting everything to either unsure rain/snow or unsure no rain/snow but I got another dud..

Edit: Closed. Might open again in the evening if there's interest.

393 if anyone needs to late week sell - closed~

Of course I didn't buy turnips this week.

364 for turnips on my island but looks like Dominic has a better price. I will check back later in case anyone still needs to sell.