Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Thanks peanut3141! I'll give that a shot! Might save me from financial ruin! hahahaha

EDIT: Also, what's considered a good or acceptable tip?

brokenclavicle wrote:

Thanks peanut3141! I'll give that a shot! Might save me from financial ruin! hahahaha

EDIT: Also, what's considered a good or acceptable tip?

I generally drop 99K bells and a thank you on my way out. I'm usually carrying at least 3000 turnips, so a 400 bell price gives me 1.2M for a 900K profit.

Oftentimes people will post if they prefer other contributions. Wood, DIYs, etc can be even more appreciated. After a certain point, bells are not the limiting factor.

Awesome! Just got a nice ROI Left a hefty tip, too.

The game has really been messing with me lately. I had a villager ask to move out really early on (before I even had 10 villagers total), and since then no one's asked.

But now I keep seeing all my favorite villagers with a thought cloud over their head and when I speak to them they want to sell me a random item, or they ask if it's okay to call me by a nickname, or they got into a fight with another villager and they want me to deliver a package as a make-up gift.

Every time I'm like - NO! don't ask to go.

And I never see anything like this with the ones I do want to leave...

And now Apollo asked to leave today. He was not one of the two villagers I most want to leave, but he's also not on my top 5 villagers either, so I let him go. I think he'll be packing up tomorrow? And then I have Sunday to try to hunt for someone I want using Nook Miles Tickets?


Stopping by to see if anyone here is able to either sell me a Natural Garden Chair and a Natural Garden Table or the recipes for them? I've got a few spare bells or I could trade for some items if I have what you need.

EDIT: Actually, just got lucky with a trade. Nothing to see here. Move along :).

Still playing this daily. I've got 3 of my villager's pictures so far as gifts. I'm still a 4-star island, but haven't been doing much terraforming- just placing things around where ever I fancy. Slowly putting away bells into savings so I can pay off my final loan for my house basement.

A couple things bug me about the game. First I wish there was more control over who leaves your island. When I first unlocked Isabelle I was sure that if I selected "talk about a villager" I would have the option to ask someone to leave, but no. So instead the game leads you to bully and/or neglect the villager you'd like to leave and you hope they'll be the one to ask to go when the time comes.

Also, there have been several times where a villager has come up to talk to me about something and I press A to talk to them, but instead I hit them with my net which was in my hand. After doing that, the villager promptly forgets they were coming to tell me something, and I'm left wondering what I missed out on.

Hugh is my #1 on my "must leave my island" list, but he did give me one of the biggest laughs in the game so far:

On the other hand, Judy is still my #1 favorite. Here we are just chilling on the island:

Ruby is my #2, but she looked so miserable when she was sick:

Here she is at a better time:

I had a little shake up on my island, and Reneigh (a sisterly horse) asked to leave. She was one of my original two villagers, I had already maxed friendship with her and got her photo, so I let her go. With 22 nook-mile tickets in hand I searched for my favorite villagers and instead settled for a blue bird named "Jay" on my last ticket. Not who I was looking for...

Then the next day I got a villager in my campsite, a cranky squirrel named Ricky. I wanted to try out the mechanics of getting him to stay- hoping to get Hugh to leave, but it was Patty, the peppy cow that was asked to leave instead. She was #2 on my "must leave" list so I swapped her out for Ricky.

So two changes in villagers but mostly just a sideways move and not getting me closer to my island filled with the dreamiest of dreamies.

If you use an amiibo card to get a camper, then you can choose who they replace. But normal campers are random who they replace. It's pretty frustrating, and a tiny way of monetizing the game.

My villagers are feeling neglected and are eyeing the exit. There will be a teapot-shaped elephant up for grabs tomorrow.


I've got Tia on my island and I love her.

But I did run into a little glitch today. A week or so ago, Goose (my Jock Chicken) asked if he needed a new catchphrase. I told him to use "Coach", so now whenever I talk to him he calls me Coach. But today, half of my villagers started using Coach too as their catchphrase. The one that really hurt was Tia not calling me "Teacup". Don't know why this happened, and I hope it resolves itself.

Also, by catchphrase, I don't mean nickname. Nicknames turn up as blue text; catchphrases show up frequently at the end of sentences or as an exclamation, and are different for each villager. I've got a few villagers calling me "Highway" as a nickname, but only Judy calls me "Dimples".

I always thought that catchphrases can "go viral," as it were. Like those goddamn Oakleys everybody is wearing on my island.

I usually wrap up two cherries as a present and run around and give them to my villagers. Its value is enough to get them to appreciate the gift, and since it's food they don't display it in their home or wear it.

Today I misclicked and gave Ricky a pair of glasses by mistake. So I've got a squirrel that wears glasses on my island now.