Status Update: Your Personalized Stans


Hello Everyone!

In the spirit of continuing to show our work behind the scenes, it's time for a progress report on the Personalized Stan Project (PSP, a completely original acronym with no gaming association whatsoever). You may have noticed some of your GWJ peers have started to wear them around!

I’ve been working on making these unique and personal, working with each of the donors to make sure it was something they enjoy. If you’re familiar with using Photoshop or other design programs, each of these has roughly 80 to 100 layers and a variety of uniquely generated shapes, photo-manipulated images, colors, textures, and goofy (free) Photoshop brushes. Each one starts from a few basic templates, and then is lovingly over-analyzed and fidgeted-with in painstaking detail.

Each month, I'm putting out about 4-5, depending on where the Wednesdays fall. I try to pick at least four that I can post publicly and one from a person who declined social media or usage rights (i.e., those designs aren’t publicly shared). If I'm feeling ambitious, I see about adding a few more now and again. December and part of January were a bit tricky with the holidays and the move, so I appreciate everyone’s patience around that bit of a planned lull.

Right now, I’ve got two left in the works for February, 20 completed, 30 left—from the folks who filled out the survey. I suspect there are a few more who haven’t completed the survey, so I hope to start hearing from those people soon. Once I've gone through all the main Stans, I'll take a second pass for those folks who requested holiday versions, as well.

A few months ago, I started streaming the creation of the designs themselves, which has become a chill weekly event over at the GamersWithJobs twitch channel where I play lo-fi hip-hop and wiggle lines around for a few hours. It’s Wednesdays, 10pm EST/9pm CST/7pm PST. I always appreciate the feedback, suggestions, and company! After completing four designs that I can share, I also post them over on our Instagram.

This project has been so much fun. It has allowed me to peek into your lives a little bit and even share in some of your personal details, for which I am humbled and honored. It has been a pleasure to work on this, and I appreciate the trust you’ve shared during the process.

I've posted some of the ones below that gave permission to reshare their designs. If you've received one, but don't see it here, that might be why! Also if I haven't heard back from you regarding the design, I won't post them until I've heard back that you're oky with them. However, if you would like yours added to the post, I will happily do so!

Thank you so, so much.



Oh my gosh that hero image!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so gooooorgeoooouuuuuuusss!!!!!! <3

Those are excellent! I'm so curious about who got the goose.

I now regret not splurging on the last GWJ donation drive.

But, somehow, I just don’t feel like me without old Tom glaring at whatever I’ve written.

It's mine. What started as an "is this idea even possible?" message turned into my new forum avatar, and I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you again, Amanda!

That's a great one! I love it.

Scuigi wrote:

It's mine. What started as an "is this idea even possible?" message turned into my new forum avatar, and I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you again, Amanda!

It's pretty amazing. You should totally post more so we can see it more often.