New PC/Laptop for Half Life: Alyx & Cyberpunk

Hi all,

Would anyone know if there are any Laptops currently in existence that would be able to run Cyberpunk at 4K? To put it simply, I'm looking for a machine that would handle the game in all it's glory and am wondering if I can get away with a laptop form factor. I don't mind paying over the odds for the luxury of portability so long as it can run these 2 games at full tilt. I'm not bothered about expandability or future proofing because despite my intentions being otherwise, I have never/rarely messed with any of the boxes I've built in the past and will most likely be just fine playing on PS5 once the laptop's past it's prime.

The idea is that a laptop would be easier to plug into my big TV and/or move around my home to maximise the space I have for VR etc.

Obviously I realise this is going to be expensive, but thought I might seek some advice before I just shell out for the most expensive laptop out there etc.

Thanks in advance

There are no system requirements out for Cyberpunk yet, and probably won't be until a month or so before it releases in the fall, so it's impossible for anybody to give you a meaningful recommendation.

Wait until the game ships before you buy anything. I will say, however, that the chance of finding a laptop that will run it well at 4K is pretty slim. It's likely to be quite challenging, and you will probably need a desktop for good quality 4K.

That, however, is pure speculation. We won't know until people can actually install and run it.

You could consider getting a small form factor desktop so you're not stuck with a mobile graphics card. I have one that's about the size of a large shoebox and is very portable. Since Cyberpunk was delayed, I'd probably wait until the next wave of GPU's is released. Nvidia's will probably be in the Summer. Not sure about AMD.

Unless you want to do VR in a room that doesn't have a TV or monitor. I'm not really sure how that works, since I don't own a VR headset, but you might be stuck with a laptop in that case if you can't use the headset as the sole display device.