Recommend Me A Keyboard

I have been having issues with my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse lately and after a ton of troubleshooting I have basically worn the issue down to being either a fault with the devices themselves or that there is just too much 2.4 GHz interference in our condos (I can pickup about 40 2.4 GHz wifi networks with my laptop).

So I am looking for a new wired keyboard and mouse (doesn't have to be a combo) that is nice, but doesn't break the bank either. I looked at some keyboards at Best Buy over the weekend and I found I like the feel of the Cherry MX Brown switches and similar switches like the Razer Orange ones, but overall I found the gaming keyboards to be obnoxious and way too expensive.

This keyboard will be used more for basic daily use/typing than gaming so RGB and gaming features are not desired. Full sized with numpad is a must as well. Less than $100US and even that is a bit more than I would like to spend. One of the maybes I found on Amazon is from a company called VELOCIFIRE that I have never heard of. Anyone have experience with them?

I have a Redragon K563 Surya but it is a gaming keyboard with rgb lights, You can turn off the lights though. I enjoy the design and the clicky keys. The way the keys are set makes it easier to clean than regular keyboards. And it is just $50.

If you can find a model of theirs you like, Ducky is pretty well-respected. The last time I was looking for keyboards, the local Micro Center had a whole stack of Duckys in different switch mechanisms, which let me try a bunch out.

I ended up settling on MX Blacks, but unfortunately, the Ducky keyboard firmware at the time was not compatible with my motherboard BIOS, as it presented as multiple devices. (necessary for more than 8-key rollover, a limitation of USB.) So I ended up having to return it, and ended up with a Corsair K70, a backlit-but-not-RGB keyboard with MX Reds. It has two sliders on the back panel, one for how many devices it appears to be, and one for how fast it scans for keypresses. Those allowed it to work with the relatively stupid motherboard BIOS I had at the time.

I ended up liking it a lot. Reds are a lot like Blacks, in that they're smooth and non-clicky. Reds are soft-strike, and Blacks are hard-strike, but they're the same otherwise. I think clicky keyboards are silly unless they need to click, like with the Model M. I particularly don't like MX clicky mechanisms because the click doesn't even happen at the point of actuation, it's just an entirely superfluous noise.

The downside to the Corsairs is that I think they're all over $100. The cheaper Ducky models should be comfortably within your budget, and probably any UEFI-capable motherboard will use them without a problem. And you should be able to get them with any MX mechanism you like, where I believe Corsair might still be Red-only. (I haven't looked in several years, as this keyboard has been fine.)

Thanks for the suggestion Malor. One of the computers I will be using it with is a pre-UEFI (it is a Gigabyte with Award BIOS) so I don't know if the N-Key Rollover thing would be an issue or not.

Wish we had a Micro Center or Fry's around here. Best we have is Best Buy and they suck. Have a road trip planned in about a month though.

I may end up getting the Velocifire one and returning it if it sucks. Tempted to just splurge and get a Das Keyboard 4 Pro.

Ended up getting a Logitech G413 because Amazon had them on sale last week and I am not impressed so it will be going back. The Windows key stopped working after installing the Logitech G Hub software. Started working again after I switched to a different USB port. Has two USB cables one of which is just for a pass-through port, but is not detachable or differentiated between the actual cable for the keyboard. The Romer-G Tactile switches definitely don't have that sweet little bump of the Cherry MX Brown that I like.

I also got a Logitech G403 Hero mouse and so far I like it. Seems like it will be a good replacement for my wireless Logitech mouse.

Oh, as far as N-key rollover goes... you can't get true N-key on a USB. Not possible. The USB spec allows for 8-key rollover, plus modifier keys, which is typically enough. The Corsair and Ducky keyboards present as being 3 devices (well, up to 3 for the Corsair, it can be set to just 1), which allows for 24-key rollover. This is enough for two people to be at the keyboard, each using all ten fingers, and a few more besides. It's not N-key, but it's such ridiculous overkill that it might as well be.

Or, you can get a PS/2 keyboard, which has no limitation on rollover. Any PS/2 limitations are in the keyboard, not in the interface. One really nice thing about PS/2: it can't be hacked. You can't have your keyboard infected with unremovable malware. All PS/2 keyboards can do is send keys, they can't masquerade as some other device and do all sorts of nefarious BS.

Of course, how much longer motherboards will have PS/2 ports is open to question.