Bulk Rename Utility is nice

I have been reorganizing and rebuilding my music collection. One application I have found very useful is Bulk Rename Utility which is a free file/folder renamer. Saved me a bunch of time by renaming a bunch of files at once. The only problem is the interface is ugly but I think it is the most powerful renamer out.

Oh, definitely. Been using it for a while and it has been a huge time (and sanity) saver. Pretty comprehensive too, given the dozen or so different ways you can manipulate file names.

Foobar 2000 is the absolute Swiss Army Knife for working with music in this way. You can do mass folder re-orgs in literally seconds. You can re-org the filesystem by tags, you can redo the tags by the filesystem, and you can download tags from FreeDB.

That last bit is almost eerie, sometimes. Highlight several (or all) of the tracks from an album and choose "Get Tags from FreeDB". It's extremely good at figuring out what album it is, at least if you've got several files. It'll give you a list of possibilities, and you can click one and click go and it will retag all the files for you instantly.

However, the tool feels kind of Unixy, in that you're ultimately working with text to specify how you want things renamed. If you wanted your folders as Artist/Album/Track Number - Track Name, for instance, then you'd be bulk renaming to something vaguely like "%A/%AN/%T# - %TN". That's not the right codes, I'd have to look up the actual ones, but that's roughly what it would look like.

If you're willing to tinker a bit with a text string to specify precisely what you want, it's goddamn instant after that.

Best tool ever. It saved so me so. much. time.

Oh, I'll give that a try. thanks