Hulu not working with my router config (CISCO)

So my router is config with company's vpn and it routes me from UK (CISCO) server. I can't watch US content on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.

The only perk is I can now stream BBC iplayer content easily but the content there is not as good as other services have.

Can I just get Hulu US in UK? Or is it too much to ask for.

So are you living in Chicago now? Did you replace your home router with the company one? Anything plugged into the company router will have those restrictions.

You could also try setting things up as follows:


Assuming you have devices other than your work computer, they would be able to access US content. For your work computer to keep working, this would probably also require your Cisco router to be set up to negotiate its VPN across a NAT, which it should, unless it was sent to you with a really dumb config.

Yeah, I'd do it that way, too... put the Cisco into your main network, and put any work computers behind that.

Just make sure that the Cisco is using a different private IP address range than you are. If the Cisco uses 192.168.0.X privately, and then also gets a 192.168.0.X number on its public interface, the internal routing code will have no idea what to do, and things won't work.

In other words, you'll end up with two separate networks, one for your regular stuff and one that's Cisco-only. This diagram is logically identical to deftly's, but might make more sense:

. Internet | Local Router | ---------------------------------------- | | | | home laptop home desktop Roku Cisco router | work computer