RIP Terry Jones

"We was too late!" This really sucks. RIP

So long, and thanks for all the laughs.

Man, what a legend! He wasn't a great historian, but I did enjoy his "Medieval Lives" vids he did for BBC or whoever. My wife won't like it, but I know what we're watching this evening!

RIP. I didn’t realise he also wrote incredible Two Ronnies sketches.

He was a giant, one of the cultural touchstones of the 70s and 80s. Python was a huge step forward in comedy, moving television past the tired old patterns it had been in for decades. That whole team has been a strong influence on two generations now, and I bet those influences will last at least one more.

Comedy does not normally age well at all, so the fact that you can watch those old sketches and still find many of them funny is powerful testimony for just how brilliant they were.

From reading on Wikipedia, it sounds like he focused a lot more on history in his later life. Sounds like those shows would be well worth the time.

Farewell, Mr. Jones. You made my life just a little bit better.


Read the news earlier. Gonna miss him. I not only really enjoyed his Python contributions, but found his historical shows of the first decade this century really great as well.

Thanks, Terry. You've had a greater influence on the world and made it a much more enjoyable place.