GWJ Conference Call Episode 693

Winter Rabbitcon 2020! Euro Games, Wavelength, Dune, Just One, Arabian Nights, Hanamikoji, Racoon Tycoon, and ShipShape!

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This week Julian Murdoch and Allen Cook are joined by David Heron from The Game Design Roundtable Podcast to talk about board games they played at Winter Rabbitcon 2020.

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Is the banner picture from Julian's house?

Episode 692 was so awesome that we're doing it again this week?

I’d be okay with a full podcast on the Dune board game. Just sayin’.

Typo fixed on header, all links and track still correct.

Was curious if the new rule addition for Raccoon Tycoon on Board Game Geek (from the official developer) would prevent David from doing what he did? Was interesting to also see the rationale from the developer for the change, and how in play testing they were able to counter the strategy by remaining rational and calm. I don't often associate rationality and calmness with many competitive boardgames

Jonman wrote:

Is the banner picture from Julian's house?


I believe they said in the call that's where they were meeting in Chicago, but still, life goals.

I think they also said in the call that it was a friend's house (I had forgotten Chicago). Either way, someone is living their best life.