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Kehama wrote:

double shot

Ooh! I like the sound of that. Can you remember the name of the passive? There's a builder here if it'd help with finding it - https://wolcen-universe.com/builds/create

Been enjoying the endgame content in this. I really want to try playing as a witch, but I'm gonna wait until they fix the game a bit more. I think I got lucky with my build so I'm just gonna stick with it for now.

Look at how much crap this chest spewed out the other night! - https://i.imgur.com/Qsu4V6x.jpg

Only trouble was I couldn't carry it all home!

Archion's Teachings. It is actually a second level ring passive in the ranger section.
There is also another good one in that section that makes projectiles pierce in melee range.

Hmmmm, is this accurate?


Must have been why I didn't take it. 1 extra projectile but it halves the damage of all projectiles.
I'm no mathematician, but that's pony, innit?

It is a wash on paper but when you take into account ailments and other damage over time, it can really shine.
Plus, it works on turrets

% dmg seems to be mostly* additive in the the game. Vs. Diablo 3 for example where it is multiplicative.
So that 50% dmg decrease does sound bad, and I also skipped it so far on my otherwise projectile focused caster. But if you already have 500% dmg from other sources, suddenly this might only be a 10% dmg reduction.

*I have no idea which are which in the game. Just that most % dmg increases and dmg decreases in the game doesn't seem to do nearly as much as they should do if they were multiplicative. Whereas base dmg increases (such as from weapons and gems) seems to beat everything.
With a few exceptions like Bleeding Edge skill getting like a 10000% dmg multiplier from one of its upgrades.

It makes some sense that they dont want everything to be multiplicative, because D3 is a bit of a mess because of it. But the passive skills really should be. Otherwise it is just confusing how they affect your character.

Yeah, I believe it does work like that.

-50% = -50%

So if you have 60% projectile then it reduces it to 10%
But if you have 300% projectile then it reduces it to 250%

Plus there are things that add elemental damage to attacks that it does not effect.

So +60% with 200% elemental becomes +10% with 200% elemental...

So the first time through i screwed the skill tree. Thought I could just pick anything so was rotating the rings here and there and picking all these cool passives...

Didn't realise that they had to be connected by the glowing essence lines... oops. Probably explained why I had such a hard time in the beginning.

The double shot is certainly good. It may not sound good but a few things you need to take into consideration. Generally on bigger targets you hit big bullets so at worst it's a wash. it also is near piercing talents which you will want. As said above you are also doubling any chance you have at ailments which is pretty big even if you do not spec into them. Then add on the amount of times that you would normally overkill a target but now one bullet hits and the other does not. Certainly don't think it is one to avoid if you are near being it in general is at worst 1 wasted point but often you gain benefit.

I am currently running that with the Double damage to Stasis targets (the extra dmg is given 1 second later). This with base on my guns inflicts natural stasis pretty regularly. You can also spec "Deathgazer" Railgun skill to have 100% stasis effect on attack. I spam it on first wide charge if i want stasis on a boss or champion right away. I use railgun less now that i have good amount of Aether on hit dmg but used it a lot earlier on.

Thanks everyone. Looks like it's best not to worry my pretty little head over the numbers too much as I'll only end up confusing myself. I'll just try it at some point and feel the difference.

I just grope about blindly with my fingers crossed when it comes to these things mostly, to be honest, sounds like I've been lucky here with all the talk of there only being a few viable builds at the moment.

From pure ease of combat, I didn't even notice the 50% damage reduction which, yeah, I was afraid was going to be horrible. Mobs are still dropping left and right and with my dual pistols I now look like I'm firing shotguns into the world so waves of baddies are falling when I pull the trigger. Also, when using the havoc orb skill you're now taking out a large chunk of real estate with two cannon balls being launched at every shot and they are launched in a bit of a cone so not tons of overlap between the two explosions.

BlackSabre wrote:

Didn't realise that they had to be connected by the glowing essence lines... oops.

Woopth, another megadunce reporting in. Nowhere near as bad as it could have been! I got lucky there.


Before anyone asks, no, that's not what I did.

Is that what you did?


I built this https://wolcen-universe.com/builds/g... and it is the build I am using. Very tailorable to your preference and a variety of skills as long as its rage focused, but the principals would apply to casters but some of the nodes would change. I am running it as a 2H Bleeding Edge build but other skills could be viable. I expect Bleeding Edge to get nerfed in the next patch, but right now it's trivializing content up to 100 or so and I am at level 73.

For those who wanted summoner builds:

Summoning skills
Damage curve for summons
The damage of the summons is greatly increased in the first 15 levels (up to +100%).
Increased summons damage during the first 40 levels by around 20%.
Summons damage from level 40 to level 90 are also increased from + 20% to + 200%.
Health curve for summons
Increased the Health pool of the summons from level 1 to 55 (from +500% to 0%).
Reduced the Health pool of summons from level 55 to 90 (from 0% to -75%).
Summons AI
Summons should now move faster and stay ahead of their summoner when traveling.
Summons now engage targets from further.
Melee summons attack shape has been improved: they now hit a larger area.
Livor Mortis: the Immortal Maw’s base Health Multiplier is reduced by 30%.
Feeding Swarm: the base Health Multiplier for the summons has been increased by 50%.
Hunting Swarm: the base Health Multiplier for the summons has been increased by 100%.
Parasite: Increased base bonus damage to possessed monsters from 100% to 300%.
Parasite: Possessed monsters now have a bonus of 50% Attack and Cast Speed.
Parasite: Possessed monsters now have a bonus of 100% Movement Speed.
Parasite: "On Shoulders of Giants" modifier now increases the minion’s Health by 40% and the minion’s damage by 33%.
Fixed a bug where possessed monsters didn't have the base bonus applied by Parasite.

And for everyone else who were busy "exploiting" Bleeding Edge.

Bleeding Edge "Unstoppable Momentum": increased the damage reduction from -100 to -150.
Bleeding Edge "Unstoppable Momentum": fixed the damage gain per level from 1 to 0.
Bleeding Edge "Unstoppable Momentum": now also adds a 10 seconds cooldown to the skill.
Bleeding Edge "Despotic Perseverance": reduced the Damage Multiplier per Ailment Stack from 20% to 2%.
Bleeding Edge "Self-adjusting Principle": reduced the Projectile Speed Multiplier from 1.75 to 1.3.

Took a break for a few days :/ Should have tried to get to 90 with that I guess.

Crit dmg was also nerfed across the board.

Yeah, I got bugged at the end of chapter 3 and am unable to finish the game. This patch may fix that but it totally breaks my build. Oh well. D3 next week and POE the week after.

They confirmed season 20 for the 6th?

End of season is the 1st. 6th is logical but no, they have not confirmed that I have seen.

I thought they had confirmed it for the 6th...
But I am likely conflating rumor with fact.

Same here.

Poop, confirmed for 13th along with POE same day.

That does fit with their way of doing things though. 2 weeks after Season end. Speaking of, going to give the weekend one more push and see how high I can get..

Also, sorry for spamming Wolcen thread with Diablo stuff :O

LOL, same here.

New Wolcen build. https://youtu.be/ycn8_gotGxA
1h/shield build

Does Shield count as a melee "weapon" for those attacks that require melee?
I.E. could you use a pistol and shield and still access the "red" skills?

Good question. Larger brains than me will need to answer that.

fangblackbone wrote:

Does Shield count as a melee "weapon" for those attacks that require melee?
I.E. could you use a pistol and shield and still access the "red" skills?

When I ran that build, my pistol turned into a shotgun and I did get melee skills.


Thank you. Had no idea.

Yeah, who knew my brain was named kazar? Go figure!

Well wait until you verify it in game. I might be your brain on drugs for all we know.