NFL 2019: Wild Card Weekend!

Is Houston going to pass block at all today? Or did they opt not to do that this week?

Stele wrote:

Houston is not good at playoffs.

Well yeah, that's when they have to play someone besides sh*tty AFC South teams.

BOB's head coaching career depends on being in the crappiest, lowest profile division in the NFL. He'd have been fired long ago anywhere else.

What the everloving f*ck was that?

Another high "surrender index" punt in this game.

Told you so

We're not yet in scorigami territory, but we're in very uncommon scoring waters right now.

JJ Watt is terrifying. I have nothing else to add. Great game so far.

Um, Houston 1st and goal for the lead, how did this happen?

Me to the TV right now as Allen was getting wrapped up: "You cannot take that sack, you idiot". (Got the grounding throw off, same thing)

Terrible awareness by Allen.

Honestly, I don't think "disastrous" is a strong enough word for those two plays from the bills. Maybe "apocalyptic"?

Never seen a team want to lose so much.

Put the game on Houston's sh*t offensive line's shoulders versus the strong Bills defensive line? What could go wrong?

Normally I'd take the offense in 4th and inches, but not with a league bottom O-line.

Josh Allen has so many ideas, and like a solid 50% of them are terrible.

What the everloving f*ck was THAT?!

Josh Allen has the brains of someone from Fresno.

Me to wife: "Nobody deserves to win this game. It's like watching two idiots slap fight".

God I hope this garbage goes to OT.

Wife just asked if Josh Allen is a 2nd string QB, LOL

*Legion* wrote:

Josh Allen has the brains of someone from Temecula.

Keep up with the trends, man.

Buffalo's head coach looks like he's going to fall into a vat of acid while trying to kill Robocop.

They showed that O'Brien never coming back from 16 down stat a little early I think.

I hope Buffalo wins it. Because when Buffalo finally breaks their playoff win drought, it should look exactly like this.

Tim Tebow reference. Everyone finish your drink.

Ref said "there must be a winner to the game" like it was a threat.

*Legion* wrote:

Ref said "there must be a winner to the game" like it was a threat.

"One of you group of morons has to win this goddamn thing and I want to go home."

Liberty Mutual with the "Liberty Bibbity" actor commercials every break, as if they knew that incompetence was going to be the theme of this broadcast.

OK, I turned off this game when the Bills f**ked up on 4th-and-23, assuming it was over.

Then my phone beeped to say the game was going to OT.

Clearly I don't understand the footballs.

Hrdina wrote:

Clearly I don't understand the footballs.

Neither does anyone on the field today.

A deep incompletion to a fullback. This is a delightfully dumb game.

*Legion* wrote:
Hrdina wrote:

Clearly I don't understand the footballs.

Neither does anyone on the field today.

Seems legit.

My picks don't matter much (since I'm 4 quarters late), so I'll just post which teams I want to win:
Bills, Titans, Saints, Eagles

The smart money is against any teams I want to win (except maybe the Saints).

Bills call a dumpoff throw and run against prevent defense... and Allen misses the dump throw. I just started wheeze laughing.

Late picks:

Bills-Texans: Nobody. Nobody wins this game. Not even the team with the most points.
Titans-Pats: Pats. Probably cause of something that people will complain about.
Vikings-Saints: Saints. A lot of Vikings are hurt but, unfortunately for them, one of them isn't Cousins.
Seahawks-Eagles: Not the NFC East team. Can they relegate a division?