RIP Caroll Spinney / Big Bird

Not much to say other than rest in peace, Bird.

He was also Oscar the Grouch.

I looked up Big Bird, and apparently he couldn't normally see through the costume; he had a tv inside, strapped to his chest, so he could navigate. Man, that must have taken real skill. When he was performing live shows, they'd have to poke a hole through the costume. You can tell when that's happening because Big Bird wears a tie to disguise the hole.

Yet, for all the skill and dedication needed to portray Big Bird, for me at least, Oscar was much more memorable. Big Bird was, perhaps, the signature character of Sesame Street, but Spinney's Oscar is the character I really loved. There were tons of great characters on that show, but Oscar and Cookie Monster were the ones I really wanted to see when I was a kid.