Pax Unplugged 2019

Didn't see a thread, but I know several of us are going. I'll be working the Restorations Game booth for most of Friday and Saturday, come on by! I'm the old bald guy. I'm always stoked to meet community members/podcast listeners.

I wont have much time to do a hangout or anything, but hopefully a few hugs can be had!!!

I've got the Media Room this time around. I'll try to come by and say Hi, or if you have a moment feel free to come on by!

Being in the area you'd think I could make it, but right now it's looking like a no go from me. Hopefully next year, fingers crossed.

I’ve been to the first two but couldn’t make it to this one since it fell during the week of my 25th wedding anniversary. (I tried to sell it to my wife but it wasn’t coming off as “romantic” enough for some reason).

So, how was the con this year? I LOVED the previous ones! Wasn’t sure if there were any drastic changes or less of a turnout (or better). Just curious of anyone’s opinion on how it turned out.