RIP Brad McQuaid

Damn just now saw this. What a loss.

Yeah, everyone seems to think it was likely an overdose as that was something he struggled with in the past and he seemed to be stupid excited for Pantheon, which was supposedly close to being played by the public.

The comments from testing on Pantheon have been less than good.

I was wondering why I knew that name..... Everquest, aha. I didn't play EQ that long, it was too grindy for me, but that was a massive hit for the time, and a far better game than Ultima Online. In retrospect, I kind of wish I'd had more patience with it, as apparently it had many strong rewards for exploration-types. I've always loved exploring, spent a ton of time poking into nooks and crannies in World of Warcraft, so I think I missed out.

It sounds like his later games weren't as popular, but that happens to lots of creative types. Devs that consistently make hits are extremely scarce. The only ones I can think of, offhand, are Shigeru Miyamoto and Sid Meier.

RIP, Mr. McQuaid. I hope your new MMO prospers anyway.