Declutter, Clean, and Organize My Life Catch-All

While 'Operation Digital Decluttering' is still somewhat ongoing (consolidating my media library is turning out to be a very tedious and long task), 'Operation Manga Collection Trimming' is going in full force. I've managed to sell 40 volumes last weekend, and have posted ads for a bunch more. There are a few series I want to re-read as I'm not sure I want to keep them (I'm looking at you, 'Fullmetal Alchemist' and '20th Century Boys'), but since these are pretty long series, it might take me a while before I get to it.

There is also one series I want to keep ('Akira') where my volumes are mismatched (most of it in English in color, and the last portion in French in black & white). I'm thinking of selling it and just get it in Japanese whenever I manage to go to Japan (fall of 2021 maybe? I was supposed to go in 2019, but pushed it to 2020 when I changed jobs, and well, you know, 2020 happened). I remember this store I visited in 2016 in Akihabara that had a huge selection of used manga in excellent condition, I could probably find the whole series there for a fair price...

My manga bookshelves are looking better already! To have a better idea of what they will look like once I'm done, I think I will spend some time this week to group all the ones I want to keep together. Right now, I have no idea how much space I will need once I'm done.

This is great! You're clearing up so much space for the things that you love!

Since I managed to get so much space sorted and organized, I am now able to allow my roomba, Tatu, to have full rein of the house minus one room that I have closed off with a door. (In that room, I've removed the ceiling, carpet, etc. with the plan of redoing those things and so don't want Tatu or anything else in there. It's so much easier being able to put him on a schedule rather than remembering to put him in whatever room I want to vacuum and try to make sure he doesn't go where isn't supposed to go.


I haven't stopped decluttering, but it has become more infrequent. I simply finished all drawers, shelves and cupboards in our house , and didn't feel like starting over again - even though I already did by now

Today though I did a sprint though: cleaned the freezer, the candy/cookie drawer, and my night stand's drawer.

Two weeks ago it turned out my old NAS had a failed hard drive, so I took a drive from my desktop PC to put in to the NAS while replacing it with a new 3TB drive. But not before decluttering the disk, especially old savegames. I love that I still have saves from Planescape Torment, Dragon Age: Origins and other classics, but as they always tend to go into the Documents folder that tended to get well, cluttered. So I moved a lot of those into a separate backup location.

dejanzie wrote:

I love that I still have saves from Planescape Torment, Dragon Age: Origins and other classics, but as they always tend to go into the Documents folder that tended to get well, cluttered. So I moved a lot of those into a separate backup location.

Windows has a dedicated 'Saved Games' folder for each user, and I wish more games used it. I can understand an older game made for, say, Windows XP, to not use it (I don't think it existed before Windows 7), but for a recent game like Shadow of the Tomb Raider to still put their stuff in Documents annoys me quite a bit. I have basically given up on the base 'Documents' folder, and I now use a 'Documents bobbywatson' subfolder to keep my things organized and (mostly) under control.

I still haven't even gotten to the digital clutter monstrosity that is my desktop PC! It started out as Windows XP and then got upgraded to Windows 7 in which it collected all sorts of savegame (and everything else) folders and then at some point I did the direct upgrade to Windows 10 and so it will likely require layer upon layer of archaeological excavation!

While this week has been pretty sh*tty overall, at least I've managed to get rid of a few things and resolve a few issues:

  • The biggest (in terms of size) item on my to-sell was my Tekken 6 fighting stick for PS3, and the buyer just picked it up twenty minutes ago (after procrastinating for two weeks)
  • I sold my copy of Portal 2 for PS3 on eBay (for not much, but I was pretty sure this would never sell, so yay!)
  • Just finished packaging my copy of Fire Emblem for GBA, which sold for CAD210 (not bad for something I paid CAD10 for in 2005)

I only have one GBA game left to sell. I'll shift my focus on the remaining Wii games, and then move on to PSP games. I also have an old Mac mini somewhere that I plan to list on Kijiji this weekend.

I have started sorting through the files on my MacBook Pro (which I've decided to keep for now as a web development computer).

I was bored at work earlier this week, and I decided to make a list of all the projects, big and small, that I have on my mind. It was not pretty. I will go through that list again at some point, sort them into short term (next 6 months), medium term (next year), long term (at some point before I die). Let's call this 'mind decluttering'! Right now, it feels like everywhere I look, there are things I want/need to do. I would like to get to a point where that is not the case. I'm not sure it's possible.

I removed the burners on the oven and cleaned under them. I also removed the filters on the vacuum and cleaned them.

I learned that you should probably do these things regularly instead of never. Yeah, never is bad.

While you are at it, don’t forget the coils on your fridge too.

While emptying my vacuum cleaner's container this week, I saw that there was an easy access to the filter that I had never noticed in the two years since I bought it. There was a good centimetre of dust and cat hair all packed together. It's vacuuming much better now.

Bonus: I did it on a Thursday afternoon, since there's a code freeze at work, which means I can't do much of anything.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

I removed the burners on the oven and cleaned under them. I also removed the filters on the vacuum and cleaned them.

I learned that you should probably do these things regularly instead of never. Yeah, never is bad.

I have a very difficult time doing these sorts of things regularly. I did get some burner pan liners a while ago to avoid having to keep dealing with tin foil though.

However, I did just this weekend clean the months-years of built up grime and dirt in my sliding glass door track. Next I plan to get a wire brush in there and really get everything and then WD-40 it. As a temporary measure, I sprayed it with olive oil cooking spray so that the door would move somewhat smoothly

I haven't been feeling super-motivated these past few weeks. It seems that January-to-March is a difficult time for me in general when it comes to energy. However, I have still been pretty good at making sure I'm still doing *something* nearly every day to create order.

I have a week off - using the PTO days I would otherwise lose when I switch career on 1 April - and have decluttered the garden shed. This took much longer than anticipated, mostly because last years we didn't throw much out.

In our home office I have now started to actually look into the folders, and threw away a lot of old documents. I highly doubt I will ever need my pay slip from 2007 again, or the VISA payment overview of 2004

And today I cleaned the fridge trays, talk about something I vouch to do more often every time

My BMW X3 is filled to the brim with stuff I'll be dumping in the local recycling park in about half an hour

That's awesome!! I love those times when there is both time AND motivation!

I've been very slowly working on clearing up some of the fallen branches in my yard and the weeds around my house. Going to try not to let things get too messy again this spring/summer, but we'll see.

With possibly some (possibly extended) time off coming up, and since going out and traveling is not exactly an option at the moment, I'm looking at all the things I can do around the house to keep me busy, in addition to working on personal projects:

  • Finally get around to organize my servers and data storage, and make sure all my data is backed up regularly. The current plan is to use my both my 4TB external hard drive as base storage on my Samba server, and then rsync their content during the night to the 8TB external drive that I purchased two years ago and never really used. Before that can happen though, I need to clean up my media library, which will take a few weeks to get through. I'm also expecting a new desktop PC to arrive at around the time I will find myself unemployed, and I plan to put its extreme processing power to good use!
  • Go back to listing comic books, manga, and French language comic books on Kijiji to get rid of as many of them as possible. There are a few that I know I will want to keep (like that series I spent a decade looking for), but I expect most of them can be safely sold.
  • With my collection of Wii games now almost completely sold out, I can move my focus to selling my collection of PSP games
  • See if I can find any takers for my complete Star Trek DVD series on Kijiji
  • Spring cleaning

With all of that, plus the projects I want to work on, I'm kinda hoping my period of unemployment lasts a few months. Like, if I can't find a job until September, I'd be perfectly cool with that. I do have two prospects at the moment though, so who knows, I might have to start a new job right after I'm done with the previous one.

Debating on what to do with all my manuals. Some are the size of books. Like I have manuals to DOS games. Do I really need a x-com manual or dungeon keeper manual. I'm not going to cook any of the recipes in my fallout manual. And my falcon 4.0 manual weighs like a ton. Then I have all my lego manuals. Then I have manuals to stuff like my phone, router, speakers.

Do I get rid of them or buy some file folders. hmmmm A little bit A and little bit a B maybe.

When was the last time you looked at any of them? If the answer is over a year, you're safe to let 'em go. Most newer products have versions of their manuals available online these days, too, if that makes getting rid of some easier to do.

Amoebic wrote:

When was the last time you looked at any of them? If the answer is over a year, you're safe to let 'em go. Most newer products have versions of their manuals available online these days, too, if that makes getting rid of some easier to do.

Yeah I usually just google for the manual now, even if I keep most in a drawer somewhere.

What can be handy is to list in a note somewhere the exact brand, type etc. of your appliances. It makes it much easier to find manuals or troubleshoot when necessary.

For the games: maybe go for the Kondo method, if that Falcon manual gives you the feels then keep it, otherwise ditch it?

We decluttered our garden shed and garage the last week, and are now selling some stuff our girls grew out of. It's nice to get some cash back after all these years!

Okay first past any manuals for anything I don't own gets thrown out.
Second past any manuals for anything I don't actually need and can't be displayed gets thrown out.
Third past try to get digital copies of manuals and throw out the originals.

Then see where I am at after that.

I made a mistake this morning: I opened the list of notebooks I have in OneNote. Turns out that's another area where a digital decluttering is in order: notebooks for work projects I will never work on again, multiple personal notebooks, duplicated notes in multiple notebooks...

Now I'm not sure what the best approach is. Do I keep one notebook for personal stuff, and one for personal projects? Do I just put all the non-work stuff in the same notebook? I'm thinking the latter makes more sense. One note actually gives three levels of classification (notebook, section, page), and pages can have subpages, so that should be good enough to organize everything on one place. Especially since I don't like the way the UI in OneNote is organized.

In short: Yay, another place where I need to declutter... Decluttering is a never ending quest, apparently.

Digital decluttering is a good thing. My notebook type app of choice is Scrivener which people mainly use to write books but it can be used for anything. Been thinking about if I should streamline it more. Right now I have 3 main notebooks. Inventory used for household inventory, Stories use for fan fiction which reminds me to see if someone wrote a ending to a song of ice and fire, and B Continuum which has everything else like show tracker, mods I'm working on, recipes, business transaction, to buy list, comparison lists, game info and everything else.

What I'm thinking about is breaking out sub sections of B Continuum into separate notebooks. On the other hand it is easy to navigate even with having a ton of notebooks inside of it. But it does look cluttered.

On a completely different note I created a buy system which is based on size. So if I sell or toss out something the size of a 6 inch action figure I get .50 points. If I buy something the size of a action figure it costs 1 point. This is only for optional stuff like action figures. Like I got rid of a beer kit I can't use and gave myself 3 points for it because it was roughly the size of 6 action figures. Now I'll probably use the 3 points to buy a hal jordan green lantern, a wyze camera, and little weights.

I've been thinking about it for a while: time for Spring cleaning! I did the bathroom and my bedroom's closet yesterday, the rest of my bedroom this morning, and now I'm doing the closet in my office. I should finish the office tomorrow, and then start tackling the living room and the kitchen either this weekend or next week.

New computer arrived last week. I was waiting for that before starting the digital decluttering for real. I haven't touched it yet. Maybe later.

Tossed a bunch of stuff. Old PC and Anime magazines., I don't know why I even had those. I did keep the heavy metal magazines because I haven't read them yet. This is comic magazine not a music magazine, don't think they exist now. I got rid of a bunch of cups and only kept the weird ones like darth vader head cup and my harley quinn cup. A big stack of unneeded c and c++ books.