Hidden Gems of Disney + instant videos


Installed this on my smart TV this morning and my iPad. Watched the first 10 minutes of the Mandalorian but loved seeing all the other things I can start watching!

Seems like the price it great for what you get but I guess we will see how they perform in the long run.

I haven't had much luck with their PS4 app. And the UI for computers could be better. I get that they're learning and want to stand out, but they don't have to reinvent the wheel. They basically are a majority shareholder in Hulu. Just snag that UI and make some of their own changes to it. I'm going to wait a few days before actually making attempts to watch anything so the servers have a chance to settle down.

I am enjoying watching Rebels at work. I never watched it because I never wanted to buy it on Amazon.

There is just a boat load of content. I mean I know but just scrolling through I can see enough stuff to watch that I will be happy for months.

I was a little bummed that The Simpson’s isn’t curated lime it was on the FX app.

Still nice to have so much there though.

I already started watching (the original!) DuckTales.

Gargoyles is on there, go watch that. It's great.

Not subscribed yet but looking for thoughts on the original content as it releases.

b12n11w00t wrote:

Gargoyles is on there, go watch that. It's great.

I loved Gargoyles! Can't wait to watch this with my kids.

The 1990s X-Men series is on there! Awesome!

The Black Hole!!!

PaladinTom wrote:

I was a little bummed that The Simpson’s isn’t curated lime it was on the FX app.

What do you mean curated?

Is it working for everyone? I saw a few reports that things kept melting down in some areas.

LeapingGnome wrote:
PaladinTom wrote:

I was a little bummed that The Simpson’s isn’t curated lime it was on the FX app.

What do you mean curated?

On the FX app they had a ton of curated playlists like all the Halloween episodes or the best Millhouse episodes.

I can confirm that the Disney+ app supports Chromecast.

Jeff Goldblum being Jeff Goldblum is pretty good. Only he could make sneakers interesting,

Couldn't access it last night with our Roku. Kept saying there was a problem with the service and to try again later.

It worked fine on our Roku yesterday afternoon and evening and we watched a few things. I am guessing they have different CDN nodes throughout the country. The only problem I saw was on certain pages it would load the first 5-6 rows of videos but if you kept scrolling it wouldn't load the rest. I heard people complaining about search not working but I didn't try it.

The entire reason I subscribed:


Oh man, I remember that one, Veloxi. I have to see it again now.

Black Cauldron is on there I have been told....I am going to check to see if I can get the app on my smart tv....

Curious why The Last Jedi and Black Panther aren't on there.

We began watching Captain Marvel last night. So far so good, though I don't like the options for subtitles being nonexistent. Black boxed subtitles suck, Disney.

Both are still on Netflix and there's likely an exclusivity period in their contract.

Ahhhhh, thanks!

I loved The Mandalorian, which was the reason I subscribed. That said, there are many things that look interesting, like the Jeff Goldblum show, the NatGeo documentaries (particularly the ones on chimps and apes), a couple of Pixar movies I haven't seen, and a couple of Marvel movies as well, such as Captain Marvel and Endgame. And yes, I haven't seen Endgame yet. Always late to the party, I know...

I wonder if they will cycle content or leave all Disney owned properties on there permanently (once they get there)? If things stay, I will probably never buy another Star Wars or Marvel movie since they'll be on there.

It'd be silly as f*ck to cycle out their own sh*t, but this is the same company with those stupid "vault" things so who the hell knows...

Vault isn't stupid from a business sense, it created artificial scarcity.

I still can't believe Condorman isn't on there.

Veloxi wrote:

I still can't believe Condorman isn't on there.

My biggest disappointment as well..

As an owner of a ton of Disney Vault cartoon tin DVDs, I had assumed that would all be up on the service. It's not. Big bummer. Quality on the very, very limited classic cartoon selection is better than DVD at least.

Sigh, stupid LG, apparently my tv being 3-4 years old is too old and stuck on webos 2.0/LG has no plans to upgrade it to 3.0 and Disney plus will only be available on webos 3.0 and later. I got it installed on my Xbox One last night, but will have to wait till tonight after class to watch anything.

If you enjoy Disneyland, then I highly recommend "The Imagineering Story." The first episode of this new documentary series is available now, and the next episode will premiere on Friday.