What homepage do you use?

For the last 20+ years, I've been using a Web 1.0 links manager site, but it looks like it may have just shut down.

Do you all have a recommendation for a good/useful/interesting/functional homepage? Ideally something that can be configured with frequently used links.

Oh wow. I think I just use the chrome homepage! All my usual haunts are in folders along the bookmarks bar, so it doesn't much matter what's on the home screen. Maybe I should just make it GWJ

Huh used to use Yahoo. Think it got imported into chrome. But I never close my browser and it reopens tabs so I never really even use a homepage.

Google News.

My homepage is gmail. Because I am old.

I’m boring. I just use about:blank

The Firefox homepage with a bunch of top sites pinned.

MrDeVil909 wrote:

The Firefox homepage with a bunch of top sites pinned.


I used to use a site called myhq.com. It's been in operation with no major updates since the late '90s. Anyway, it's been down for a few days and I'm not sure if it is going to come back up.

I checked out Kadaza, but it isn't right. The layout isn't great and it doesn't allow for linking to subpages.

I'm also looking for something that doesn't seem like a desperate ploy to monetize me in some way.

Maybe I just need to build a local html file with some tables.


garion333 wrote:


kiss ass.

I use about:blank as a startup page, and reddit as a homepage. If you curate your subscriptions there carefully, it can still be pretty useful.

The default config there is horrible, though; their new interface sucks, their default subscriptions suck, it's just a bad experience when you first show up there.

I use a Chrome browser widget called Incredible Startpage, which is pretty nice. It hasn't been updated in a while, but seems ok.

Malor wrote:

their new interface sucks

Glad I'm not the only one. Thankfully old.reddit.com still works. I have that one bookmarked.

I just use the default Google search page (not the clunky homepage they try to push on people). It's simple enough that it loads up quick and I go there enough that it's more often than not the page I'm heading to anyway.

Protonmail, Gamerswithjobs and about: protections. The latter gives an overview of the stuff Firefox blocked on the sites you visited.

Mantid wrote:

I’m boring. I just use about:blank


Me too! I also use an extension for blank new tabs.