It's a self-made world, Charlie Brown!!

So we live in a privileged era where high-quality learning content is now available on the Internets. Sometimes for free, but even those courses that are not free, are worth the investment if the quality is good enough.

And that's why I hope we can use this thread to tap into the Goodjer's communal critical analysis, good-hearted nature and labor experience in order to crowd-source a curated list of quality online courses (free or otherwise) for those of us looking for self improvement or just looking to learn more about interesting topics.

Personally, I wanted to learn a bit more about finances for Corporations. Also, I want to start a path down Big Data and Data-driven analysis and all the options seem a little overwhelming.

I turn to you, communal brain and roster of fun characters, seeking advice:

What good "zero-to-hero" courses have you encountered or heard of for Finance and Big Data?

Good title, it got me to open the thread.

It's funny you ask. My background is accounting and auditing, but I've been eyeing a transition into data science role (which may be what you want for Big Data), and looking at some of the skills that I will need to learn. Over the last month or two, I've been brushing up on my basic statistics using some of the courses from Khan Academy before I move onto the more complicated stuff that I wasn't necessarily able to grasp in college. There are also some finance courses at Khan Academy that you may find useful.

I've found a number of resources that explain the path to data science, so I'll drop a few links below. The last link is an infographic which I think is very good.

My current plan is to brush up on the basics of the statistics and learn how to code (I got some of the beginner and intermediate Python books from some recent Humble Bundles), before going to my SVP and making the business case that he will need these skills for his department, and use that to get either an online degree or a certification paid for where I can learn the rest. Hopefully this helps.

Apologies for posting and running away. Stupid work and life keep getting in the way.

Thanks for the links. I'll look at them tonight!