GWJ Conference Call Episode 681

The Outer Worlds, Disco Elysium, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Scary Games Beyond Jump-Scares, Your Emails, and More!

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Amanda, Shawn, Sean, and Julian get into Scary Games Beyond Jump-scares.

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00:02:08 The Outer Worlds
00:21:20 Disco Elysium
00:31:00 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
00:47:04 Scary Games Beyond Jump-Scares
01:00:34 Your Emails

Another Certis sighting. Guess he can't stay away!

Easiest way to avoid FOMO is to have no internet or electricity during the first weekend.

CoD xplay is an opt in process or if you plug in a mouse/keyboard into your console.

Speaking to your inappropriate grenade moment Amanda, I had problems with the grenades in Just Cause 2. For reasons that will always escape me, the procedure to throw a grenade in that game was, hit a button to get a grenade out and arm it, hit another button to throw it. As I ran around bases causing havoc I would invariably get out a grenade thinking I'd thrown it. What followed would be the beeping as the timer on it ran down. It would, of course, sound alarmingly close. I'd run away, thinking maybe I'd not thrown the grenade far enough away. Unfortunately, because I was still clutching the grenade in my hot little hand, the beeping would follow me relentlessly until I exploded.

The demo for Slender Man scared the crap out of me. It started in daylight with me walking down a woodland track towards a house. As it grew dark I marvelled that any horror game could cause someone to be scared. All it was was pixels, lighting and sound effects. If I kept that in mind nothing in the game could possibly unsettle or scare me. The darkness was complete by the time I entered the house which seemed newly built but deserted. I turned on a few lights in the empty rooms. I have a thing about looking out of dark windows from a lit room when there is the potential to see glowing eyes or a figure outside. I was immediately terrified by the whole situation and had to stop playing.

My pick for scariest game is Life is Strange, specifically the nightmare, and especially


getting text messages from vengeful parents in an alternate timeline.


Now, who's bashing my GBA SP?



There's a warrant out for Julian's arrest in Washington state for wanton vandalism of my dinner table.


Only kidding, we've been coloring in scratches on that table with a black Sharpie for years

And now I need to track down a version of this Tetris challenge arcade cabinet....

Space Hulk. That game scared the crap out of me.

Scariest game moment for me: the first time I encountered a wight in Myth: The Fallen Lords

That scream. Holy crap.

Not to mention the thump, thump, thump of an approaching Trow. Making you think, Well, unless I’m Incredibly lucky, all my units are about to be kicked to death. I was also intimidated by Fetch for a long time. Something to do with them turning half my units into chrispy black bits.

Chairman_Mao wrote:

Space Hulk. That game scared the crap out of me.

deserves an old school +1

Thanks for reading my NaNo shout out, Julian.

And for the record, that pitch comes in at 524 words. So that's less than a third of a day's writing...

It'd be awesome to hear a spoiler section once people have completed their play throughs of The Outer Worlds. Great potential for compare & contrast.

LTTP, but I’m gonna second the Prey nod. I mean, you folks saw my first few hours playing it during the Trans LifeLine charity stream, you saw how that went. ^^
I’m a huge wuss and I’m not a fan of horror games. I noped out of Amnesia super fast but Prey... Prey was amazing. And having mimics was a great idea/mechanic.

Regarding the hardest video game choices... gosh, I still need to play Unavowed. Sooner rather than later. Great that you mentioned Mass Effect 2 and 3. Like Julian, I also struggled with the end of ME3... a lot. And a long time. I didn’t struggle as much with the choices in ME2 simply because I’d upgraded everything I could and completed everything I could and got lucky in my picks. The only one I lost was Mordin on the escort and that was baffling more than anything else.
There was also Bastion. I didn’t know what to do, I was so conflicted at the time.