GWJ Conference Call Episode 680

Disco Elysium, Noita, Rise to Ruins, Mindustry, Jackbox Party Pack 6, International Gamers With Jobs Day, a surprise visit, your emails, and more!

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This week Amanda, Allen, and Sean talk games, catch up on emails, and celebrate International Gamers With Jobs day!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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I'm 11 minutes in.


Lovely to hear Shawn's voice *sigh*

Saaaaaaaaame as Hig! Totally blown away!

00:02:00 Surprise Guest
00:17:33 International Gamers With Jobs Day
00:18:24 Disco Elysium
00:37:44 Noita
00:46:39 The Jackbox Party Pack 6
00:51:26 Rise to Ruins
00:54:39 Mindustry
00:57:03 Your Emails

Higgledy wrote:

I'm 11 minutes in.


Lovely to hear Shawn's voice *sigh*


Ha, I assumed that's what "a surprise visit" meant when this episode posted last night!

Thanks for the shoutout regarding my first forum thread. <3 Also, good job on pronouncing this tongue twister of a name. You have to thank Mr. Tolkien for that one...I flat out stole it from him over 20 years ago thinking it looked really cool. Took me almost 10 years to realize that it's really hard to pronounce, but it was already too late by then.

This episode was really fun to listen to. There was so much friendly banter going on, much to laugh at. And at the same time you spoke about so many interesting topics and games!


And that segment with Shawn was gold. The surprise really worked out well. For the cast and for me!

The one thing I'd change in the Division 2 (apart from all the graphical short comings caused my launch PS4 battling to load all the clutter in my immediate vicinity) are the NPCs. Not what they do, because they are an inspired addition. There are, as seen in the trailers, settlements of people building safe havens that you help to defend and keep supplied with fresh water, food etc. There are also patrols of survivors scavenging materials or taking over control points in the city. Their existence gives your battles a purpose that the first game lacked.

The one problem with the NPCs though, especially those out patrolling, is their comparative lack of visual fidelity compared to the player character. My character looks, under all the bullet proof vests, slung weapons, robot turrets, etc, like a real bonafide human being. The patrolling NPCs are crude approximations by comparison. What they say is brilliant, their shouted encouragements during a fight and their evident relief when we prevail make me feel like they are ordinary people trying their best to preserve their small foothold in a chaotic world but their faces are fairly lifeless and body movements on the stiff side (this may all sound very familiar to those who've frequented other Ubisoft games.) I really wish they looked and moved more like they were fellow human beings. Hopefully that will come in the next generation of games.

It was awesome to hear the surprise guest! Got a little dusty on my commute...

As for TF2, the GWJ TF2 group still play maybe a couple of times a year, usually one on the anniversary of the game's release and another on some random Friday night. Would love to have more folks show up, it is still pretty good; check out the thread, there is usually a post announcing when we try and get together.

There are still some Goodjers that play every so often - I see them on Steam.

I think, after this week's episode, all future emails to the show should be required to begin with "Hey peeps," if for no other reason than to break Sean's brain.

Loved this week's Shout Out. What a cool way to pop a question related to popping THE question.

Sean, thanks for thinking about joining the Minneapolis IGWJD2019 gathering, even if you didn't make it. Your comment gave me some relief, as mentioned in the event summary, over here.