International Gamers With Jobs Day Today!


Today Is International Gamers With Jobs Day!

Across the globe, folks within the community have made plans to gather and game together this weekend. (And next weekend, as it turns out!) Be it in person, online, or over streams, getting together to meet and converse about games is what this day is all about!

You can catch the stream here today: gamerswithjobs
We will be hosting and raiding community streamers, it’s a great opportunity to meet your people in chat or on stream. Give them a follow! Hopefully we'll be able to get everyone's video to rehost all of the lovely folks we hosted today. You can find links to their channels in the notes for our channel.

I can’t wait to see you pictures and hear your stories. Share your meetups with us!
Post your experiences by tagging #igwjd2019, #gamerswithjobs, and #gwj onTwitter or Instagram. This allows us to find them and share them with the community as it happens. Also please post them here!

Big thank you to everyone contributing time, effort, and energy to make this possible.
Love You,



Link in the above is broken.

Enjoy the day, everyone!

Thanks! Fixed.