Other Sports Catch-All

Is this where we talk NHL?

Now that we've gotten cracking on having our own team here in SEA, I'm going to have to start following the sport.

Novak Djokovic tossed from the US Open after hitting line judge with the ball. If this wasn't 2020, this would be the single biggest sports scandal of the late summer.

Between this and his Covid tourney earlier this year, Joker is on pace to hit for the cycle in 2020-ness. Too bad the season ends after the US Open or he'd have a legit shot to take home "Peak 2020 Sports Figure."

As it stands, he's in the running with:

Kirk Cousins
Rudy Gobert
Dana White
Vince Mcmahon
Kyrie Irving
Curt Schilling (!)
Zach Plesac
Lou Williams

But Joker is all out of season and CFB hasn't gotten going with the craziest crazies yet and neither has the NFL.

My money is on any Trumper who still has lots of visibility to go:

Mike Leach
Jerry Jones
Bob Kraft

Who knows what they'll say/do in the next 90 days?!

Oof. Victoria Azarenka upsets Serena Williams. I guess the upside is that if Naomi Osaka wins in the finals, she's not going to get booed.

Hey there! I'm looking for cycling help. Is there a GWJ group for this?


Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin starting a NASCAR team with Bubba Wallace as their driver. In this case, if the ceiling is the roof, the car's probably mangled to sh*t.

Bubba...don't get in that car!

They shoulda piped in boos for Bettman.

Thanks for everything Henrik.

Sorry we couldn't get you a cup. Now I have to kind of hope you get one with the Caps. Eugh.